Fiction News for July Jul 1 2015

NE David’s second novel with Roundfire, THE BURDEN, launches this week in York. We kick off with a formal evening at Waterstones on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm. This will be a York Literature Festival ...

The Realignment Case Jun 13 2015

By R.J. Dearden I had the idea for The Realignment Case in Geneva on an unofficial, access all areas, tour of the United Nations with a friend who worked there.   After passing by sleeping diplom...

The other lives of character names Jun 9 2015

By Peter Bartram I had a big surprise the other day when I turned to the letters page of The Independent and saw a letter from a real live Colin Crampton, the hero in my new crime mystery Headline ...

The Snake and the Condor Jun 7 2015

Santiago, Chile, at the height of Pinochet's reign of terror in the late twentieth century. Julieta, the Juliet of this 'Romeo and Juliet' story and the daughter of a senior government official, is to...

Book News for June Jun 1 2015

Marie Yates was at The People’s Book Prize Award Ceremony on the 27th May. Her first novel, Reggie & Me, made it to the final, but sadly didn’t win. It’s a great book, and we’re very glad...

The Snake and the Condor May 31 2015

By Robert Southam The poverty in large areas of Latin America shocks you, mesmerizes you. You canʼt help stopping and staring, like all those drivers you despise for crawling past the wreckage of ...


Coward, The

Conscience on trial

Tom Wall

Snake and the Condor, The

Robert Southam

Master Yeshua, The

the Undiscovered Gospel of Joseph

Joyce Luck

Burden, The

A Family Saga

N.E. David

Realignment Case, The

R.J. Dearden

How I Left The National Grid

A post-punk novel

Guy Mankowski

Emancipation of B, The

Jennifer Kavanagh

Queen's Play, The

Aashish Kaul

Drink the Rest of That

a short story collection

Guy J. Jackson