Some Books Aren’t For Reading by Howard Marc Chesley

Some Books Aren’t For Reading

Howard Marc Chesley

Justice Gone by N. Lombardi Jr.

Justice Gone

N. Lombardi Jr.

Cloud Warriors by Rob Jung

Cloud Warriors

Rob Jung

Miracle of Anna, The by John Nelson

Miracle of Anna, The

John Nelson

First Lady Escapes, The by Verity Speeks

First Lady Escapes, The

Verity Speeks

Feral Chickens by C. McGee

Feral Chickens

C. McGee

Entangled Lives by Imran Omer

Entangled Lives

Imran Omer

"Gilda Trillim" announced as a finalist in the 2017 Whitney Awards Feb 20 2018

Roundfire Books are delighted to announce that Gilda Trillim - Shepherdess of Rats by Steven L. Peck has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 Whitney Awards in the General Fiction category. The win...

Author Insights: Get to know Roundfire Author David Bulitt Jan 31 2018

    “The non-shaving, motorcycle-riding, bourbon-drinking, non-lawyer, lawyer.” ...Who also happens to be a fine writer        BECAUSE I HAD TO...

Stan Pavlov's acting career has, literally, gone to the dog... Dec 18 2017

  Stan Pavlov, method actor, once stabbed a distant uncle before an audition for Hamlet – just to get the feel of it; he once ruined a performance of MacBeth yelling “look out, Duncan!”;...

Historical drama on the high seas & a modern-day Witch. All New Scottish Fiction Oct 26 2017

Whether it's the rugged Highlands and Islands or the gritty cosmopolitan city of Glasgow, Scotland always provides a fantastic backdrop for a story. This month JHP is proud to be publishing two very d...

What do you do when a stranger stares out of the mirror at you? Sep 28 2017

A thriller that takes the reader inside a fundamentalist Muslim family, A Glance at My Other by Bruce Randal Wilkerson also depicts a young man's experience of being a woman in 21st century society an...

What's not to love with a cozy mystery? Aug 30 2017

Have you discovered the cozy mystery novel yet? They are most often set in small local towns and feature amateur detectives who investigate local murders and disappearances, most often as a sideline t...

And now for something a little different ... introducing Gilda Trillim Aug 2 2017

We love to discover something unusual, to give a voice to a different sort of story at Roundfire. One that will surprise, intrigue, and perhaps challenge you; Gilda Trillim: Shepherdess of Rats by S...