Summer reading - Transforming Pandora Jul 15 2015

This charming novel blends romance with spirituality. Carolyn Mathews' story of love, loss, and spiritual transformation is a moving romance novel that balances both themes to create a delightful, ins...

Summer reading - The Emancipation of B Jul 13 2015

The Emancipation of B takes you into an unexpected enclosed world. In order to find out what it is and why he's there, you just have to keep reading! It's short and light to carry, but most of all it...

Summer reading: Headline Murder Jul 11 2015

If you’re going on holiday, it would be a crime not to take a book to read. And what better than a crime mystery? Once you get into Headline Murder, you’ll forget all about those delays at the ...

New for July: The Coward Jul 7 2015

The Coward is a Second World War novel about political awakening and the path of conscience. Conscientious objector Bill Rowe does not want to kill Hitler's conscripts but he finds his courage dese...

Fiction News for July Jul 1 2015

NE David’s second novel with Roundfire, THE BURDEN, launches this week in York. We kick off with a formal evening at Waterstones on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm. This will be a York Literature Festival ...

The Realignment Case Jun 13 2015

By R.J. Dearden I had the idea for The Realignment Case in Geneva on an unofficial, access all areas, tour of the United Nations with a friend who worked there.   After passing by sleeping diplom...


Headline Murder

A Crampton of the Chronicle mystery

Peter Bartram

Coward, The

Conscience on trial

Tom Wall

Snake and the Condor, The

Robert Southam

Master Yeshua, The

the Undiscovered Gospel of Joseph

Joyce Luck

Burden, The

A Family Saga

N.E. David

Realignment Case, The

R.J. Dearden

Queen's Play, The

Aashish Kaul

How I Left The National Grid

A post-punk novel

Guy Mankowski

Emancipation of B, The

Jennifer Kavanagh