The Master Yeshua May 13 2015

Coming from Roundfire on the 29th May... Jesus is not who you think he is. The year is 75 CE. Joseph ben Jude, the nephew of Yeshua, is frail and ailing, but he gathers together stacks of goat-ski...

Lights, Camera, book sale! May 9 2015

During May you can buy Kim Cayer's glorious, madcap romp of a novel for .99 on kindle. That's a fabulous bargain! This is a story about Alice Kumplunkem. She's overweight, has a bad haircut, and a...

News from our authors May 1 2015

There’s much more to authoring than typing away at a keyboard. Our fiction authors have been out and about wearing all kinds of different hats, some more literal than others... Mercedes Rochelle ...

My winter tour - How I Increased my sales of print books Apr 29 2015

By N.E. David I’m a Roundfire author - and proud of it. My debut novel, BIRDS OF THE NILE, was published in 2013 and in my submission to John Hunt Publishing I pledged myself to selling 1000 copi...

Cover stories - Headline Murder Apr 19 2015

Here's a brand new cover for a book not out until August 2015! What's the cover story? Peter Bartram explains... " The front cover of my first Crampton of the Chronicle mystery, Headline Murder, fe...

Cover Stories – Emancipation of B Apr 15 2015

By Jennifer Kavanagh The letter B is of great importance in the book, not least because it's the name of the protagonist - people keep asking me why he doesn't have a proper name. I'm afraid my ans...


Snake and the Condor, The

Robert Southam

Master Yeshua, The

the Undiscovered Gospel of Joseph

Joyce Luck

Burden, The

A Family Saga

N.E. David

Realignment Case, The

R.J. Dearden

How I Left The National Grid

A post-punk novel

Guy Mankowski

Emancipation of B, The

Jennifer Kavanagh

Queen's Play, The

Aashish Kaul

Drink the Rest of That

a short story collection

Guy J. Jackson

Greyhound George

Tony Cleaver