• How to inspire an author
    • Nov 12 2014
    • I asked the JHP fiction authors what sort of settings inspire them... What do we need from a space in order to sit down and create? There’s a broad range of answers here – every author is unique.T...
    • Finding a good read
    • Nov 10 2014
    • How do you pick what to read? I’m spoiled for choice, being the person who puts up the blog posts here, I am not short of potential review material. JHP puts out more than I have time to keep up wit...
    • Birds of the Nile
    • Nov 8 2014
    • N. E. David reflects on the first anniversary of his novel's publication... Believe it or not a year has passed since the publication of BIRDS OF THE NILE and I want to take the opportunity to repo...
    • November news
    • Nov 4 2014
    • All the latest news from JHP Fiction authors... Carolyn Mathews: Brook Cottage Books organised an online launch promo blitz for "Squaring Circles" on Saturday. I had to be available from 9 am til...
    • Don't Drink and FlyThe Story of Bernice O'Hanlon Part One

      Bernice is a witch living in Glasgow. She loses her way in her life and wanders off the beaten track looking for the garden of enlightenment.

    • World Walker, The

      A story of hope, courage and freedom, The World Walker explores the physical, dream and spirit realms of existence.

    • Lysander's Legs

      Lysander’s Legs...a story not of unrequited love, but of love that is requited just enough to give hope...