• Cover stories - Headline Murder
    • Apr 19 2015
    • Here's a brand new cover for a book not out until August 2015! What's the cover story? Peter Bartram explains... " The front cover of my first Crampton of the Chronicle mystery, Headline Murder, fe...
    • Cover Stories – Emancipation of B
    • Apr 15 2015
    • By Jennifer Kavanagh The letter B is of great importance in the book, not least because it's the name of the protagonist - people keep asking me why he doesn't have a proper name. I'm afraid my ans...
    • Master Yeshua: Chapter Twenty-One (excerpt)
    • Apr 5 2015
    • by Joyce Luck Yeshua was dead. He had died. What did it mean? All were aggrieved. Even I can remember plucking at my mother’s sleeve and being sent to sit with my brothers and be quiet. I r...
    • Extract from Squaring Circles
    • Apr 3 2015
    • by Carolyn Mathews While Rosemary was casting the circle, I feasted my eyes on the altar, strewn with Easter lilies, bright yellow forsythia, tulips, pussy willow and lilac. Rose quartz, amethyst, ...
    • Welcome to Camelot

      The trials and tribulations of two girls who exchange places through time, between a 21st-century and a fifth-century Camelot.

    • Journey Towards a Falling Sun

      Romance, adventure, and a search for cultural identity, come together against the backdrop of the desert wilderness of northern Kenya.

    • World Walker, The

      A story of hope, courage and freedom, The World Walker explores the physical, dream and spirit realms of existence.