October Song

A Memoir of Music and the Journey of Time

David W. Berner

Because I Had To

David Bulitt

Keller Papers, The

Ellis M. Goodman


A Swedish Affair

N.E. David

Bullet Gal

Andrez Bergen

Dangerous Pilgrims

Lawrence Swaim

Pilgrimage on the Path of Love

Barbara Ann Briggs

Worst Generation, The

A Myopic Prosperity

Dan P. Greaney

Floating Phrase, A

Trent Portigal

Extract: October Song Apr 24 2017

October Song is a beautifully authentic memoir that reminds us that there are no time limits on dreams, creativity is boundless and nothing in life is finite when we let go of our self-imposed rules. ...

The Emancipation of B Apr 11 2017

The Emancipation of B by Jennifer Kavanagh (Roundfire Books) But it must not be sought for or - heaven forbid!  - dug for.  No, no dredging of the sea bottom here.  That would defeat one's purpo...

What if...? Feb 9 2017

Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Virginia Woolf Do any other two words in the English language hold out such prom...

eBook Promotion: January 17 Jan 17 2017

Some reach out for the mystical, but sometimes it's the mystical that reaches out.   Call of the Forbidden Way by Robert Owings When Carson Reynolds gets hired to produce a documenta...

Because I Had To Jan 10 2017

By David Bullit Extract I can’t really say where my distaste—that’s a good word—my distaste for Kasey came from. Maybe it was because of how differently our parents treated us. Actually,...

eBook Promotions - December 2016 Dec 19 2016

eBook available at $£0.99 (subject to added tax) on a number of participating retailers (promotion running until 05/01/2017) Escape to Redemption by Peter M. Parr Josie only had the gun...

Extract: Exteriors and Interiors by C. McGee Dec 15 2016

Extract from Exteriors and Interiors by C. McGee Chapter 1: A Shitty Disguise I’m not a fan of babies. I was a fan of Jonathan Swift, but then I figured out that he was being satirical. The...