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Miracles Are Made of This by Julia Heywood

Miracles Are Made of This

Julia Heywood

Sep 2009

Miracles Are Made of This connects you to the ageless wisdom which enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things!

Particle of God, A by Teddy Bart

Particle of God, A

Teddy Bart

Mar 2009

A book of hope for those who feel they have been denied what they deserve in life.

Arthur's Soul Adventure by Brian R. Chambers

Arthur's Soul Adventure

Brian R. Chambers

Apr 2010

Arthurs Soul Adventure is a New Age Huckleberry Finn that will jump off the page straight into your heart.

Two Strangers - One Soul by Bob Norton

Two Strangers - One Soul

Bob Norton

Dec 2011

2012 collapse or not, values long lost to materialism need renewal to survive the scale of breakdowns we are witnessing.

Alpha Wolf, The by Nick Clements

Alpha Wolf, The

Nick Clements

Sep 2013

A compelling and inspiring tale of one man's journey from Alpha Boy to Alpha Wolf.

To the Devil's Tune by Jo Barnard

To the Devil's Tune

Jo Barnard

Aug 2014

Racy, funny and joyful; take Jude's hand and join her on an exciting journey of self-discovery through darkness to light.

Breakthrough by John C. Robinson


John C. Robinson

Oct 2015

A breathtaking journey through divine consciousness into the revolutionary spirituality of aging.

Pilgrimage on the Path of Love by Barbara Ann Briggs

Pilgrimage on the Path of Love

Barbara Ann Briggs

Oct 2016

A woman in search of enlightenment travels to India and after many challenges and soul stirring experiences, emerges with a more mature understanding of life and love.

October Song by David W. Berner

October Song

David W. Berner

Apr 2017

A powerful examination of the passage of time, love, the power of music, and the power of dreams.