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Book of John, The by Kate Niles

Book of John, The

Kate Niles

May 2010

A record of loss, reckoning, and the meaning of the human place in natures large design.

Losing Face by Annie Try

Losing Face

Annie Try

May 2012

Could you cope with facial injuries and losing an eye?   Cass does, with Em's help, but everything is changed!

Past Present Future by N J Alexander

Past Present Future

N J Alexander

May 2013

Between greed, love and obsession there is the truth we would rather not see.

Burden, The by N.E. David

Burden, The

N.E. David

Apr 2015

Frank will do anything to keep his mother and father apart. But he's carrying baggage - and it might just weigh him down ...

Recognitions by Daniela I. Norris


Daniela I. Norris

Jan 2016

Could people we meet have pre-destined roles in our lives?

Beat the Rain by Nigel Jay Cooper

Beat the Rain

Nigel Jay Cooper

Jul 2016

A moving and vulnerable depiction of a relationship in decline. At times humorous, at times heartbreaking, it explores what it means to live, to love and to lose.

Because I Had To by David Bulitt

Because I Had To

David Bulitt

Jan 2017

With finely drawn characters, takes the reader inside the worlds of adoption, teen therapy, family law, and the search for a biological family.