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White Death

Philip C. Baridon, Ph.D.

Jul 2013

Undercover cops don't make two mistakes

Tatra Eagle, The

J. Victor Tomaszek

Oct 2012

A young Polish highlander is adopted by Polish knights and rides to Vienna, Austria, seat of the Holy Roman Empire, to participate in one of the most fateful events in European history - to break the Ottoman Turkish siege in 1683.

Plain of Jars, The

N. Lombardi Jr.

May 2013

When Dorothy finds out the charred remains the Air Force gave her are not her son's, she traces his path into the hostile Plain of Jars.

Hadrian's Trader

Richard Yeo

Jun 2013

As war threatens Rome, a man and a girl must risk all for their Emperor - in the forests of Germany.

Dangerous Pilgrims

Lawrence Swaim

Oct 2016

Political and literary thriller set in 1980s Guatemala.

Coward, The

Conscience on trial

Tom Wall

Jul 2015

Conscientious objector Bill Rowe does not want to kill Hitler's conscripts but he finds his courage deserting him in a bleak jail patrolled by indifferent guards and hungry bugs.

Queen's Play, The

Aashish Kaul

Feb 2015

Writes the origin of chess into the narrative of The Ramayana, one of the two formative epics of ancient India.

Master Yeshua, The

the Undiscovered Gospel of Joseph

Joyce Luck

May 2015

Jesus is not who you think he is.

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