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Cloud Warriors by Rob Jung

Cloud Warriors

Rob Jung

Feb 2019

Discovery of a life-extending potion of a lost Incan tribe endangers the lives of all who come in contact with the fountain-of-youth elixir...

War for Islam, The by Stafford Betty

War for Islam, The

Stafford Betty

May 2019

The future of the world hangs in the balance as the religion of peace struggles against violent opposition.

Ezekiel's Third Wife by John Bennion

Ezekiel's Third Wife

John Bennion

May 2019

One woman's polygamous Utah community is thrown into turmoil by the discovery of her sister wife in an irrigation ditch.

American Fork by George B. Handley

American Fork

George B. Handley

May 2018

A shared love of the Utah landscape heals family wounds for two unlikely friends in this tale of restoration in the wake of loss and betrayal.

Feral Chickens by C. McGee

Feral Chickens

C. McGee

Aug 2018

When fowl turn foul!