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Miracle of Anna, The by John Nelson

Miracle of Anna, The

John Nelson

Jan 2019

The birth of an awakened child with past-life recall and amazing healing abilities should be a cause for celebration... but how can Maggie Langford raise a conscious child in an unconscious world?

Mistfall in the Grove of Dreams by Paul R. Harrison

Mistfall in the Grove of Dreams

Paul R. Harrison

Feb 2019

In eleventh century England a young boy is identified as a 'wyrd one' and is sent into the forest to know the ways of the Mist...

Alpha Wolf, The by Nick Clements

Alpha Wolf, The

Nick Clements

Sep 2013

A compelling and inspiring tale of one man's journey from Alpha Boy to Alpha Wolf.

Oreads by John F. Lavelle


John F. Lavelle

Jan 2016

Lyrical, emotionally charged, moving and heartbreaking, Oreads is a literary treat that will keep you compelled right to the very last page and beyond.

Red Nocturne by Bill Mullen

Red Nocturne

Bill Mullen

Mar 2016

Russian spies on American soil. Cold war clashes of loyalty. In whom should young violinist Lilly trust?

Entangled Lives by Imran Omer

Entangled Lives

Imran Omer

Jul 2018

An unlikely relationship between a Pakistani boy who becomes a Taliban solider, and a female journalist covering the civil war in Afghanistan.