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Author websites from John Hunt Publishing

Every author needs a website. We’re very happy to now offer a package which takes the hassle out of creating one, and sets you up with all of the tools you need to build your platform online.

✓ Use your own domain name

✓ Fast and easy setup

✓ Import your books from the JHP system

✓ Optimized for any screen size, including mobile

✓ Integrates with popular social media platforms

✓ Collect addresses for your email list

✓ Setup multiple "buy online" links to drive sales

✓ Track performance with Google Analytics

Check out this sample site. Then check out this detailed overview of our website template.

Review the prices and options below, then post in the Author Services  Website Creation section of the Marketing Forum to let us know that you're interested. We'll help you pick the best options, then we'll arrange payment and start setting up your site.

There is a one-time charge to setup the site. For this basic fee you would be expected to setup and manage all the site content and integrations yourself, using the tools built into this system. If you don't have the time or are unsure of your ability to do this, then please consider also purchasing a website support package (see below), so that we can help manage the site for you.


  • Get an email address and web mailbox for yourself@yourdomainname.
  • The website platform is designed to integrate with your blog. You may use any of the blogger platforms out there, or we can host a blog for you. This would be a full Wordpress installation, which gives you to most power for controlling the settings, appearance and so on.
  • Our service can integrate with MailChimp to collect mailing list signups. An email list is a critical component of your marketing platform. You will need an account at Mailchimp. There is no annual renewal fee, but you may have to pay fees to Mailchimp, depending on the size of your list

Basic technical support is included in the price of the package. This covers any part of the service that doesn't work as expected. It does not cover "how to" or other questions related to training or general best practices. For additional support and hands-on assistance, please consider these options:

  • Website support: we'll help you setup your content and all the links to integrate your site with your social media. We can also help resize and upload images, setup your Google analytics and more.
  • Email support: help with email clients, spam settings, etc.
  • Blog support: for blogging newbies or busy authors without enough time – we'll help manage your blog for you.
  • Mailing list support: If you're new to Mailchimp, or list-management in general, then consider purchasing email support. We can help configure your Mailchimp account, setup mailing lists and design email templates.










Email address




WP blog           




Mailing List


pay to Mailchimp



  • A website at the domain of your choosing (if you don't have a domain name already, we can get one for you).
  • Responsive layout: we use the latest web technology to automatically adapt your website layout to the available screensize. With one website you can fully support tablets and mobile devices.
  • The website has three main components: home page, bio page, a books page with an individual sub-page for each book.
  • On the home page: you can edit the image and welcome text. Optionally, the home page can import recent posts from your blog. The home page also displays a list of your books.
  • On the bio page: you can edit your profile picture and profile text.
  • On each book's page: you can edit the cover image and description, including links and embeddable video widgets.
  • Setup multiple "buy online" links for each book.
  • Collect email addresses for your mailing list (requires Mailchimp – we only intgrate with Mailchimp. If you already have a list on a different service then you won't be able to use this feature).
  • Integrate with social media: Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. For Facebooks and Twitter, you can optionally embed their widgets on each page of the site.
  • Google Analytics: create an Analytics account, then paste your tracking code into your site settings.

The website offering is template based. Presently, the template is fixed and cannot be modified. This includes layout and colors. All author sites will use the same layout and colors. We may upgrade this ability in the future, based on user feedback.

The tool to manage your website is part of the JHP system, which means you will need to have access to the JHP system to update your website. All current JHP authors have access. If, for some reason, your JHP account becomes inactive in the future you would lose your ability to manage your site, and would be unable to renew the service at the end of the contract year. You must be an active JHP author to use the service.

The website service is template based and is a part of the JHP system. As such, your website cannot be copied or moved to another web hosting company, nor can we provide technical access to a third party designer or developer. Should you choose to change website service providers in the future, you will have to discontinue your JHP service and create a new website on a different platform.

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