Sleepy seaside Seafordby is hiding dark secrets. Can Will uncover the truth before it's too late for him and his love?


Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of sleepy seaside towns in England? Underclass transports you to a world of sex, violence, assassins, drug dealers, love and surfers.
In BT Gorman’s stylish début thriller, we get a glimpse into two weeks of Melanie Tastyn's life as she goes "on holiday" in the seaside town of Seafordby for one last time. Her world is quickly turned upside down by characters like Sinister Dave, Will the darts-playing barman and Kelly Black, the deadly assassin.


Underworld will have you absorbed from the start! lock yourself away with this book and enjoy the rollercoaster of a gritty but romantic story of a couple thrown together by fate. Sex, love, drugs, murder, torture, passion what more do you need! I need to get my hands on the follow up book NOW.. ~ lucyD, Amazon

This book is a gritty but comedic page turner, which has very well fleshed out characters and a twisting plot that definitely throws you some curve balls! It's the sort of book you have trouble putting down, you just can't help but be transported into the characters world! It will leave you hungering for the next one, that is to be sure. ~ Alisha, Amazon

Underclass was a very easy read which offered locations and characters that I could easily picture. I felt a little frustrated that I wanted to get more into the background of each character but this didn't take away from my enjoyment of the read. I did not work out the climax which I thought was the best part and it left me desperate to read the next book. A definite excellent first book for this author! ~ Tina, Amazon

I read this book in one sitting. I did not really have the time to do so but once I got involved I just could not put it down. Very well written and descriptive. In fact, I could picture all the characters and scenes with such clarity it was sometimes scary. A Brit' book that captures a good cross section of of the weird and wonderful people that populate the u.k. ~ Sheree, Amazon

BT Gorman
BT Gorman BT Gorman was born in Hackney and has lived in a number of towns across Southern England and Ireland. Having held down a wide range of jobs ...
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