Two Strangers - One Soul

Two Strangers - One Soul

2012 collapse or not, values long lost to materialism need renewal to survive the scale of breakdowns we are witnessing.



You don’t have to be a prophet to see that breakdown is fast approaching on every level of personal, social and economic life. Many governments are no longer viable. Industries devouring fossil fuels will soon be obsolete. Nature is groaning at the strain of supporting 7 billion of us, yet we only tinker around the edges of our destruction of natural resources. With too many of us living on finite resources, we have not changed our behaviour towards each other, or towards the planet which sustains us. The depletion of resources merely gives us extra incentive to fight more on every front, with self, power and greed still uppermost in the forces which drive us.


This book holds that each and every one of us is responsible not only for ourselves but also for the conditions in which we find ourselves. The Narrator gradually recognises this, as the Stranger he meets draws this out. And, chapter by chapter, he elicits and suggest solutions – solutions which are at times simple, at times strong, even harsh, at times soft and heart-warming.



Two Strangers-One Soul is a timely book. At this time of great personal, social, environmental and spiritual crisis, this book will help readers reconnect, not only with themselves but with the natural world. Through dialogue and dreams the author communicates simple and creative ways to free ourselves from fear and anxiety and shows us how to live a life of hope and imagination. I can recommend this book wholeheartedly.

~ Satish Kumar, Spiritual Compass. Editor of Resurgence magazine


'I've read Bob Norton's work before and found it to be precise, elegant and enriching.  This is no different.  Bob has tackled a 'leading edge' topic with great sensitivity and an enticing style that brings the reader to a point of gentle reckoning with him or herself.  By stepping alongside him as he encounters the characters in the book, much is revealed in terms of one's own assumptions, complacency and subtle collusion.  Throughout, there is a tacit invitation to think differently about the world and, perhaps, to change the world through changing oneself - in whatever small way is feasible.  It is a delightful book and I have no hesitation in endorsing it fully.'


Dena Michelli (A Woman’s Way: the transformative journey from hurt to happiness, O Books, 2008)



When I met Robert (Bob) Norton, less than two years ago, after only a few weeks it felt like a lifetime, well many life times. Bob asked me to read his book, ‘Two strangers – One Soul’. He wanted my opinion from a spiritual point of view.

            This book is an open, honest and selfless look at one’s life. If we are honest we often ask ourselves the questions broached in this book. We think we give honest answers but in many cases we do not. What we give is an answer that fits our current comfort zone, perhaps grey and hazy, most probably an answer that reinforces the option of least effort - what we want it to be. Life is not about coincidences or ‘what ifs’, life is about fate and Bob’s meeting with Jonathan was no coincidence as it was no coincidence that he met me.

            Two Strangers makes a great read for the person who, like me and many others, was a sceptic but now a believer. I would refer to some quotes but there are far too many that are poignant. The book gives a fresh look into what mediums see and hear; but here those messages are put in simple, understandable terms that are for everyone…even for the non-believer.

~ Vicki Clarke, Spiritual Healer, Medium & Reiki Master

This book invites us to recall the wisdom of our soul.

It gently, but firmly, challenges us to re-balance our scale of values in the Western world. It invites us to make a quantum leap from modalities founded in scientific and materially acquisitive principles to a place of collective consciousness and responsibility. Whilst it invites us to move from a place of fear, judgement and retribution into a place of love, it nevertheless charges us with the consequences of our choices.

It reassures us that we can choose positive action, growth and enlightenment, harmonising ourselves with Mother Nature using the gift of positive vibrational energies for the greater good of the collective soul and the world.

In its conclusion, this book clearly marks out for us what we may expect should we ignore the increasingly loud wake-up calls we are being sent.

~ Dawn Tame, Registered Nurse and Health Visitor, Reiki Master


Whether you believe in the metaphysical or not, everyone recognises that the world is changing rapidly and a new wave of consciousness is bidding us all to reject tyranny, anonymity and the tacit assumptions of the past which no longer work.


It asks us to stop sitting idly by, implicitly supporting systems which are disintegrating around us. It beckons us to start being true to ourselves and, in so doing, give meaning to our existence and thus collectively and individually change the world for the better.


This book asks everyone to reflect honestly on their own values and cast off those that have proved pointless or redundant. It gives freshness of purpose to being here, and imbues us with the notion that we can change the world by living up to ourselves. More than anything else it tells us that we all have serious choices to make.

~ Joanne Moore, Friend, critic, mentor and wife.


Everybody in the world should read Two Strangers – One Soul, absorb its teachings and put them into practice.  What a difference it would make.  It’s certainly one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read, combining philosophy, spiritualism and quantum physics within the dialogue of an easy to read, enlightening and refreshing book.  With a new age dawning and our concerns about 2012,  the planet, our loved ones and friends, Two Strangers –One Soul gives the answers to questions that we constantly ponder upon, giving in depth information about the ‘meaning of life’, - what we are actually doing on this earth and our roles within it, and ultimately what happens after we die.


It helps you to see the beauty of the world in a totally ‘eyes wide open’ kind of way and helps to dispel fears about death and the after life.  It also gives a greater understanding of self, interaction with nature and mankind and how we can make our lives peaceful and purposeful.


Each chapter is beautifully summarised with reflections from a character called Little Bear, who gives the story a 2 dimensional edge, engaging you even further and pulling you into a belief that all is good with the world, leaving you with a feeling that maybe we can (as one) make it a better place in which to live.

~ Deborah Brown, Managing Director, Suga Brown Creative Arts

Bob Norton
Bob Norton Following his career in business information management at INSEAD (France) and BIM (UK), Bob Norton retired to the south of France. He has ...
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