Torn Clouds

Torn Clouds


Drawing on thirty years experience as a regression therapist and her own memories and experiences in Egypt, ancient and modern, Torn Clouds is a remarkable first novel by an internationally-acclaimed MBS author, one of Britains leading experts on reincarnation. It features time-traveller Megan McKennar, whose past life memories thrust themselves into the present day as she traces a love affair that transcends time. Haunted by her dreams, she is driven by forces she cannot understand to take a trip to Egypt in a quest to understand the cause of her unhappy current life circumstances. Once there, swooning into a previous existence in Pharaonic Egypt, she lives again as Meckanar, priestess of the Goddess Sekhmet, the fearful lion headed deity who was simultaneously the Goddess of Terror, Magic and Healing. Caught up in the dark historical secrets of Egypt, Megan is forced to fight for her soul. She succeeds in breaking the curse that had been cast upon her in two incarnations.


Torn Clouds by Judy Hall is written from her deep understanding of past life therapy and through fiction gives you a glimpse into the ways in which this therapy can heal. As I'm a therapist who works with past lives I felt recognition of some of the issues Judy unveils in the novel and was pleased to read a past life fiction that didn't feel like a sci-fi onfection. I was intrigued as Megan, the main character, guided by her intuition, dreams and visions, delves into her past lives in Ancient Egypt looking for healing, having been diagnosed with terminal leukaemia. We follow her through her physical and spiritual healing journey, experience travel in modern Egypt, and her regressions to her past. Slowly she builds the jigsaw puzzle revealing the roots of her illness. Along the way we meet a couple of truly bombastic characters who vie for the right to be recognised as the one & only re-incarnation of a legendary Egyptian queen, sweeping along in full fancy dress and other, quieter people undergoing their own voyages of self-discovery and transformation. Judy Hall is the well known and respected author of best-seller The Crystal Bible and many other books on healing. Torn Clouds proves she can write intelligent and engrossing fiction too. ~ Lauren Ravenstar, Bellaonline

Judy Hall writes with an unrivalled authority and with deep and affectionate understanding of today's Egyptian scene. ~ , The Woman Writer

Judy Hall writes vividly and deals with the phenomenon of "far memory" skilfully, noting the past and present together in a gripping story. ~ Moira Caldecot, Author of The Son of the Sun and The Ghost of Akhenaten

Judy Hall is a modern seer who manages the difficult task of evoking the present world, plus the realm of Ancient Egypt, and making them seem real. There is an energy behind the prose, and a power in her imagery which hints that this is more than just a story of character and plot, but an outpouring from another age, a genuine glimpse into beyond-time Mysteries which affect us all today. Be very aware and very careful...when you get drawn into her visions of Khem, you are drawn into more than a mere novel. ~ Alan Richardson, Author of Inner Guide to Egypt.

This is a great novel interwoven with memories via deja vu and past life regression, a total love and understanding of Egypt and her mysteries. Judy has blended everything so beautifully together, this 398 page read lacks nothing. It has suspense, drama, coincidence, and an extra helping of intrigue. I found the book so well written I felt like I was right there, in the present day and also in the times before. This is a novel for the serious reader, those who like to take a book and just lose the world. I would recommend this literary marvel to anyone drawn to the magic, mystery and exotic elegance known as Egypt. ~ , Planet Starz

Judy Hall
Judy Hall An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five year...
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