To Fear, With Love

To Fear, With Love

A story of Urban Enlightenment.


A story of Urban Enlightenment. To Fear, With Love is a modern-day twist on the timeless truth of human transformation and transcendence. Follow heroine Alice Bailey as she overcomes emotional suffering and adversity, using them as a catalyst to find passion and love.


What a rollercoaster!, A enlightening read that gives real insight into the pain of an abusive relationship. I couldn't put the book down, having just been through a trauma within my family I felt at times sad, excited and emotional whilst reading the book and even though this is not a direct self help book, it did help in various ways. ~ Katherine Smith, Reader Review

"Having the best things is no substitute for having the best life" Oprah and Helen Rose are on the same page with this book. Alice Bailey has it all but behind the façade is struggling with someone who materialistically gives her everything but somehow thinks that it makes up for the physical and mental abuse he also inflicts on her. This book shows Alice's journey through her own awakening into the fact that she herself can do something about this. This is a great inspirational tale of how she turns her life around and achieves things she never thought possible. This isn't your typical self help book but one that has a great storyline that anyone can read and take from it what is needed by them personally. ~ hevsfish, reader review

Broken by a relationship, read this... A book that makes you feel really sad and then really happy, a rollercoaster of emotions. For anybody in a bad relationship this book gives you inspiration that there's light at the end of the tunnel and that good people get good things. ~ Jane Moore,

Wisdom, Spirituality and Entertainment... Well Done! An author I like (Elen Sentier, Celtic Chakras) recommended "To Fear, With Love" on FB last night, so I checked it out. There were no reviews, but the "look inside" offered enough intrigue to keep me interested. I spent the whole night reading it... lovely! :-) A modern day "Celestine Prophecy"-like fairy tale, starring a fictitious woman journalist. Enjoy! If you believe a better world is possible, this novel offers a peaceful, entertaining adventure for us to individually and collectively imagine how it can happen. As a woman, it's very easy to relate to. Helen bravely faces topics of sex, power, love and intimacy through this story. I hope she writes more! ~ Happy,

A wonderfully executed account which draws the reader in and creates ... An incredibly powerful story of human resilience which is relatable to women and men alike. A wonderfully executed account which draws the reader in and creates an incredible sense of unity with her struggle. It offers a lens into a horrifying situation which many find themselves in but struggle to have a voice. This not only an account of female empowerment but empowers the reader as we are taken on her journey. I highly, highly recommend! Brilliant and so strong. ~ Daisy Hudson,

5.0 out of 5 stars A Powerful Read Reading this was a roller coaster of emotion - heart wrenching, to heart warming, self doubt to life affirming. Brilliant! A powerful and very reflective read, that really conveys the depths of how life was for Alice and portrays her sheer determination and tenacity. The inclusion of the Epilogue and the This is Your Life page is inspired. Fantastic, soul searching words. A humbling read that gives real insight into the pain of an abusive relationship. ~ Sarah,

5.0 out of 5 stars Fame and fortune are nothing if fear and frustration are your reality This book sort of grabs you as it has something often lacking in so many books: a credible heroine you can relate to and who you root for. Alice Bailey seems to have it all but her enlightenment is born from a secret suffering - middle class domestic violence. She also embraces something so necessary in the world today - a passion for peace and helping others. It is a really important topic and so relevant for the difficult times in which we live. The book is very personal in its tone and you really get inside Alice's head. I only wish it had been longer as it often jumps from one scene to another and I would have loved more detail at time. A great debut novel and I can see a follow up in this story! ~ Rosalyn Towlson, Amazon

Helen’s gripping book is a story of addiction in all its forms and will strike a chord with anyone who has found themselves trapped in a damaging relationship. ~ Monica Long, Development Producer, Comedy Entertainment, Hat Trick Productions

What a page turner. Gripped me from beginning to end. Helen Jane Rose is extremely talented and I can't wait for her next book. Her characters are so easily identifiable. I couldn't put the book down! Brilliant. ~ Hannah Peddar, Production Manager, Have I Got News For You

A captivating story of awakening the power within, breaking the chains of control and living the ultimate experience of love. Wonderfully descriptive and inspirational, Helen Jane Rose has produced an enlightened book with a message for us all. ~ Louise Segui , Holistic Physiotherapist, Reiki Master-Teacher of 2Evolve Wellbeing Centre & Hale Clinic

If ever there was a love story that needed to be told, this is quite simply it. The mere fact I was vigorously turning pages into the night and way past 3.00am firmly says it all. I was hooked. As an author, Helen Jane Rose writes with such authenticity she represents ‘the voice’ of many women in her main character’s fearful predicament. ‘To Fear, With Love’ hits all the pressure points when it comes to dealing with terror in a so called ‘loving’ relationship. With frightening overtones masking visual scenes of grandeur and luxurious opulence, one firmly believes Alice has really paid the price, quite literally. However, it’s the buckets of justice against all odds and the perfect ending that makes it a must read for those in search of self-discovery, spiritual healing and courage to find their way out. As cliché as it sounds, the power of love, in all its capacities, really can conquer all in more ways than we give it credit for. I loved the book and so many others will too. Helen Jane Rose is most definitely the female author to watch out for this year. ~ Kate Marshall, Freelance Writer, Editor and Producer

Helen  Jane Rose
Helen Jane Rose Helen Jane Rose grew up in Essex, England. She attended the London College of Communication and graduated with a BA Hons in Journalism and t...
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