To the Devil's Tune

To the Devil's Tune

Racy, funny and joyful; take Jude's hand and join her on an exciting journey of self-discovery through darkness to light.


After thinking that life can't get much better, sweet-natured Jude finds her life in tatters. Whilst trying to make sense of where it all went wrong, a series of synchronicities lead her to a place of support, and she discovers that the answers to her problems lie closer than she thinks.
A story of love and loss, painful endings and new beginnings, this tale, based on true life stories, touches on some hard-hitting issues and highlights the power that lies within us all; a power so strong that once we step into it, nothing is impossible.


At first Jo Barnard’s debut novel reads as a familiar love story; one where insight and wisdom are earned through love and loss. The story unfolds through flashbacks of colourful interludes in India, and the characters develop through their confessions of addictions, as they participate openly in group therapy. As the heroine, Jude, opens her heart and mind to the spiritual, taking heed of the synchronicities surrounding her life, we read of the serendipitous moments and the many ‘signs’ leading the way. However, the author also explores the underside to some aspects of behaviour which are often omitted from other tales of romance and relationships. Her characters come to see how the undesirable aspects of their lives have arisen due to their willingness to dance to the devil’s tune. The writer hides nothing of the shadows of addictive behaviour, whether in the form of narcissistic betrayal, self-harm or trichotillomania. This adds authenticity to the characters’ search for enlightenment and ultimately, love. The leading lady, Jude, in her search for serenity, makes a conscious choice to worship a god she names ‘Pure Love’. In doing so, she opens her mind to compassion and the endless possibilities life can offer when we free ourselves from our often self-induced emotional paralysis. An enjoyable and thought-provoking read. ~ Helen Noble, Author

This thought-provoking story had us hooked from the first page, and is something that will resonate with you long after the last page. An inspiring tale about one woman's strength, courage and empowering journey to self-love, it's a touching story with a very powerful message - we couldn't put it down! ~ Soul&Spirit Magazine

With endearing characters, based on real people who have told their personal stories to Jo, this novel will appeal to anyone who enjoys a heart warming read about personal growth through adversity. Drawing from her own skills as an experienced healer and teacher, Jo lovingly and carefully brings serious, hard hitting issues into the story, teaming them with real life solutions, which makes it a moving, helpful and empowering read. Some books leave you hanging; To The Devil’s Tune leaves you with hope. ~ Chrissie Astell, best-selling author, teacher & facilitator

A mixture of trepidation and excitement welled over me as Jo's manuscript 'To The Devil's Tune" landed on my doorstep. Just like temptation itself; what on Earth was I going to find inside these pages? What I found was well, yes, addictive, truly addictive, and a journey through Hell, in the most enjoyable way! The name Lucifer means light bringer, and Jo brings the light here, a self help book, but written in the style of Mills and Boon… Truly addictive - and enlightening. ~ Tiffany Crosara, award-winning author & TV psychic

For a début novel, this is, in my opinion, an outstanding piece of work. I know how difficult it can be to keep motivated, to find the drive to continue and I applaud the work Jo has put into this book. Knowing Jo, her background and her ethos on life, I can see her personality shining through this book. She has handled each page with care and consideration, ensuring that you want to continue reading “just another page”. I wish Jo every success with this book and I encourage her, from the bottom of my heart, to write more. She has a voice, she has passion and it would be a crime for her not to continue with a whole series. ~ Lynn Nicholson, editor of The International Lifestyle Magazine

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