Greater Thief, The

Greater Thief, The

The world of gangs and broken dreams is spilling out of the estate. For today, it is everybody s business.


The Greater Thief is a literary crime story of gangs, justice, and faith, set around a notorious London estate. It is inspired by the true stories of young men who have been through the UK criminal justice system, and questions the easy assumptions all around us about crime and urban poverty.

There is a murder on the street. Alice is there. Josh is there. And everyone believes he is guilty, except for her. Paul, the Parish Vicar, holds the key to proving his innocence but first he must find the courage to forget himself. Alice will stand face to face with the reality of the men who want Josh dead, and the discovery about his father s past unravels the code that governs his life. All three must risk what they hoped never to lose, as the things they believe in are tested with fire.

With a combination of myth, tall tales and hip-hop rhythms, this modern fable explores the intersection between everyday crime and loyalty in an ever- expanding city.


Alexandra Carey mixes thrills with poetry with fairy stories and folklore with rap. During the two days I spent with this book if I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it and looking forward to being reunited with its pages. . . David Cameron may have gone over the top when he suggested that we all 'hug a hoodie', but perhaps it would help if we tried to understand the dreams of the kids hanging around our world's periphery and, when we're ready to, The Greater Thief is a great place to start. ~ Ani Johnson, The Book Bag

The Greater Thief captures a side of London we mostly only see through the distorting lens of the media and our own fear. It gives a sympathetic and deeply human view of the life lived by young people on the edge of crime, and their relationship - sometimes terrible, sometimes full of hope and promise - with mainstream society. I recommend it ~ Danny Kruger, CEO Only Connect Crime Prevention Prgrammes

Alexandra Carey
Alexandra Carey Alexandra Carey is a theatre director and writer. She studied at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and the Faber Academy, and has worked for...
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