Suicide Dictionary

Suicide Dictionary

The History of Rainbow Abbey


In 1453 ce an island was discovered in the North Atlantic called Ambrojjio and donated to the Catholic Church. Pope Nicholas V (the first humanist Pope) used the land to erect a secret monastery for an artist colony of monk-poets he employed to formulate what he called a “prophetic” or “inspired” document to be published in the year 2050. This artist colony (now called the Order of Quantum Catholics) has survived to the present day and still employs monk-poets who remain hard at work on this document, now titled Quantum Psalter. Here is the first volume describing their heroic work. Maybe you have read the Upanishads, a few Buddhist sutras, or possibly even Rumi or Blake. But those describe the spiritual experience of yesterday. Suicide Dictionary is the poetic expression of spirituality in our time. We now live in an age where to be Integral is to be on the leading edge of human consciousness. Suicide Dictionary is the product of applying these higher levels of consciousness to the art of creative writing. It offers a “Contemporary Upanishads” that captures the beauty of both western intellectuality and eastern (or mystical) spirituality in a single literary framework.


Genius. Paul Lonely has gifted the world with a genuinely unique work. Suicide Dictionary is a miraculous kaleidoscope of perspectives bound to stretch the mind, body and spirit of its lucky readership. ~ Stuart Davis, Author of Sex, God and Rock & Roll

An ambitious project, brilliantly executed, exhibiting the integral thinking so vital to our present age. ~ Ron Miller, Religion Department, Lake Forest College, author of The Gospel of Thomas: A Guidebook for Spiritual Practice.

Beautiful and provocative. Suicide Dictionary is a masterful poetic synthesis of western cognition and eastern spirituality. ~ Malena Gamboa, One Mind Village

One of the most promising young writers we've ever encountered. ~ Integral Spiritual Center

What an epic! Poetry, intellect and humor combine to invoke a deeply resonant spirituality that awakens the reader on multiple levels. ~ Dr Lin Morel, Author of Peace at the Center

The first trans-traditional scripture written from a fully awakened integral awareness. ~ Dustin DiPerna, Author of The Infinite Ladder: An Introduction to Integral Religious Studies

A “Suicide Dictionary” by a man named Lonely? What's going on here? In my opinion, it's a new genre of literature: an integral interweaving of the pre-modern wisdom of the past with the post-modern insights of the present, a skilful and intriguing inquiry into not only a lexicon of words but the essence of all the world's religions interspersed with modern characters trying to make sense of it all. And the best way to do that is to integrate! Integrate! But not just with an intellectual mish-mash of eclecticism, but with a depth that illuminates. This is what, I believe, you'll find on the pages of this dictionary, one that shows you a light out of nihilistic suicide and loneliness into the widening embrace of relationship and integralism. Let the words and ideas on these pages connect your synapses in ways that you never perceived of before while reading this integral text of sparkling gems meant for contemplation. It will make you want to live again-but this time, integrally! ~ Brad Reynolds, Author of Embracing Reality: The Integral Vision of Ken Wilber

This is a startlingly original work of sheer genius – highly recommended, if you can handle it. ~ Ken Wilber, Author of The Integral Vision

Ken Wilber is apparently fond of telling Paul that his readers haven’t been born yet. (Henry Miller says loneliness is a prerequisite for great art - how appropriate.) I have to disagree with Ken – breathlessly, having to stop in awe after nearly every passage, I read Suicide Dictionary, and I loved it. ~ Michael Garfield

One might ask why this book is entitled 'The Suicide Dictionary', maybe in asking that very question we stretch our thinking - with each of us arriving at our own conclusion. Do we whilst reading this book 'put to death willingly' our old concepts and values? Be prepared to step over the edge of your own limitations and trust the unfolding journey, for you will surely be taking one when you immerse yourself in the pages of this book. The author poses the question 'What ISN'T spirituality?' and somewhere in the pages we hear the echo of an answer reverberating back. This would appear to be implying that what is written is pointing to that which is far more important than personality, logic and sense. In its cultural and religious amalgam you will find it mind stretching, heart plumping, soul nourishing and boundary breaking. Be kissed by its mystery for reading it is the journey's start, transformation is the road and freedom of the self is the goal. The 'I' becomes the 'We'. It is an all faith merging of what true spirituality is really about. ~ Barbara Venn-Lever, My Spirit Radio

Paul Lonely
Paul Lonely Paul Lonely is affiliated with the think tank Integral Institute, an organization dedicated to bringing the Integral Approach to personal an...
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