Stop Press Murder

Stop Press Murder

A Crampton of the Chronicle mystery

A dead man...a feud between two sisters...a reporter in search of a scoop.


FIRST, the saucy film of a nude woman bathing is stolen from a What the Butler Saw machine on Brighton’s Palace Pier. NEXT, the pier’s night-watchman is murdered - his body found in the coconut shy. COLIN CRAMPTON, ace reporter on the Evening Chronicle, senses a scoop when he’s the only journalist to discover a link between the two crimes. HE UNCOVERS a 50-year feud between twin sisters - one a screen siren from the days of silent movies, the other the haughty wife of an aristocrat. BUT COLIN’S investigation spirals out of control - as he RISKS HIS LIFE to land the biggest story of his career. STOP PRESS MURDER, a Swinging Sixties mystery, has more twists and turns than a country lane. It will keep you guessing - and laughing - right to the last page.


Another good page-turning murder mystery, with a likeable protagonist and great setting. I would very much like to read more from this series. ~ The Bookworm Chronicles

This was an entertaining and fun novel...I will definitely be looking for other books in this series. ~ Mary Boucher, Rabbit's Rambling Reviews

If you’re looking for historical crime fiction novels set in the Swinging Sixties then Stop Press Murder is certainly worth a read. ~ Crime Fiction Lover

There’s a lot of surprises… a highly entertaining, involving mystery, narrated in a charming voice with winning characters. What’s not to like? Highly Recommended. ~ In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Well wasn’t this a romp of a read! Very funny and very British. I will definitely be looking for the next one in the series! ~ The Book Trail

An excellent novel, full of twists and turns, plenty of action scenes, crackling dialogue - and a great sense of fun. Jokes which made me laugh out loud. ~ David Prestidge, Fully Booked 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed Stop Press Murder. I didn't want to put it down as I needed to know what would happen next. One night I stayed up till nearly 2am thinking I'll just read one more chapter. This is a huge recommendation from me. ~ Helen Giles, Life as a Nerdish Mum

This entertainingly baffling "step back in time" crime caper is ripe with a variety of situations and subtle innuendos that will no doubt raise a few chuckles. There’s never a dull moment - things keep buzzing along nicely indeed! ~ Little Bookness Lane

Fast-paced and snappy - and one of the few mysteries that involve reporters in which the daily business of newspaper reporting seems rooted in reality (although, I don't have any experience in a newsroom so I could be talking nonsense). Brighton's seamy side rubs with the upper crust and the slightly down-at-the -heels atmosphere is nicely portrayed without being weighed down in too much kitchen sink misery. The action and plot twists sweep you along so you don't notice. Highly recommend. ~ Vanessa Bedford, NetGalley

An intellectual whodunit, featuring well thought out characters with wit and panache to equal Agatha Christie. I highly recommend this book as it has made me laugh and puzzle over the end result. It has more plot twists than DNA but keeps the reader gripped at every turn. I can't say anything more than read it, read it, read it! ~ Vicky Cassidy, NetGalley

Brilliant tale of murder and mayhem in 1960s Brighton. The writer's style is a no-nonsense conversational tone with a large amount of dry wit thrown in for good measure. I loved it. ~ Helen Line, NetGalley

Loved this book, well-written, entertaining and it made me feel for some of the characters. Will definitely read more by this author. ~ Michelle Turner, NetGalley

A well-crafted entertaining read which may hopefully turn into a series featuring the main character, crime correspondent Colin Crampton. So looking forward to more from this author and his appealing characters. ~ Gavin Roebuck, NetGalley

Stop Press Murder is a great, fun read, a page-turner with excitement on every one of those pages. Think David Nobbs, what Tom Sharpe might have written had he turned his hand to mystery fiction, and the Aberystwyth Noir novels of Malcolm Pryce, and you'll get something of an idea of what is in store for you, the reader. But Bartram's is an individual style . . . one you'll warm to, I think, one that will have you searching out more Crampton mysteries. ~ Christopher Roden, NetGalley to Goodreads

Humorous and well written with a lot of '60s detail. I can't wait to read more of this series. ~ Amanda Perrott, NetGalley

Its central character, the breezy journalist Colin Crampton, is very engaging and I look forward to his next investigation. ~ Simon Brett, award-winning crime writer

This is the kind of book that keeps you on your toes and your mind on the run. You want the answers - and right away. You want to finish this book in one go. I totally loved this book and I strongly recommend it to my fellow readers! ~ Books That Come My Way

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