Squirrel Haus

Squirrel Haus

Squirrel Haus chronicles the fall and the further fall of two friends living in the eponymous house in the Iowa Midwest.


Set in 2003, Squirrel Haus chronicles the fall and the further fall of two friends living in the eponymous house in the Iowa Midwest, a place most people imagine is bereft of craziness or fun. It is not so. In literary fashion, the book loosely parallels the Iraq War and the Epic tradition, as the protagonists fall victim - wittingly at times - to the American culture of lies and violence and excess...


Every great novel has one thing in common. After you read it, you think, "This isn't how you write a novel." Hellberg delivers this, a novel that is tremendously entertaining but at the same time intellectual. ~ Noah Cicero, author of The Human War, The Condemned, Best Behavior and more.

Hellberg's writing is profligate in every good sense. He wields a tender wilding of words worthy of Hart Crane's purest spirit. And it is a clenched jaw commensurate with the best of Alan Dugan. Too, it is entirely itself, something new in this old world. ~ Donald Revell, Poet and Professor, UNLV

Hellberg writes like heaven on ice. ~ Loren Goodman, Yale Series Winner

Dustin Hellberg
Dustin Hellberg Dustin Hellberg graduated from the Iowa Writer's Workshop in poetry at the age of 24. He is an assistant professor in literature and creativ...
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