Some Books Aren’t For Reading

Some Books Aren’t For Reading

A Novel

For a desperate man like Martin, books aren't just for reading.

  • Paperback £11.99 || $16.95Mar 29, 2019
  • e-book £4.99 || $7.99Mar 29, 2019


Martin Fourchette is on a mission to retrieve his priceless, first-edition copy of The Old Man and the Sea, inscribed on the flyleaf by Papa Hemingway himself. He unearthed it at the bottom of a bin of castoffs at a thrift store in Anaheim, and then Helmet-Head, Martin’s moped-driving book-scout competitor and nemesis, filched it. How, after an auspicious start at Hotchkiss and Yale, then a great job in advertising and a loving young family did Martin manage to lose it all and fall so far from grace? That is something that he can’t help but contemplate while crusading through the dark recesses of Los Angeles as he struggles to retrieve his treasured book from a dishevelled, moped-driving Moriarty.

'Storytelling like T.C. Boyle, characters worthy of Robert Stone. Howard Marc Chesley creates compelling drama from everyday events, turning the life of an internet bookseller into a thriller. I couldn't stop reading.'
David Webb Peoples, Writer of Blade Runner and Unforgiven


A rollicking tale by Howard Chesley, about a book scout who loses his prize signed copy of "The Old Man and the Sea" and goes on an Ahab-like journey to get it back, burrowing deep into the bookseller subculture of L.A. like a spelunker into a dark cave. A great first novel by a skilful storyteller supreme! ~ Lucian Truscott IV, Salon Magazine

Story telling like T.C. Boyle, characters worthy of Robert Stone. Howard Marc Chesley draws you into a world of seemingly ordinary people who are seething and boiling on the inside as they struggle in a world of yard sales, internet trading and parenthood. Creating compelling drama from everyday events, he turns the life of an internet bookseller into a thriller. I couldn't stop reading. ~ David Webb Peoples, writer of Blade Runner and Unforgiven

Deep yearning, perseverance and love of family underlie the sparkling prose, the dark humor and compounding ironies of this startling first novel. It’s wonderfully appropriate that it all happens in Los Angeles, the fool’s paradise that brought you the trope “It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. ~ Richard Tiuggle, Writer of Escape from Alcatraz

Howard Chesley has written a provocative “Bicycle Thief”-like odyssey through an LA underworld you never dreamed existed. Compulsive reading. What a debut! ~ William Stadiem, writer, columnist

As a long-time bookseller I’m impressed by the genuineness and detail of this breezy trip through the streets of LA in the eccentric company of book scouts, pickers and bibliophiles. As a lover of smart novels, I’m just knocked out by how strong, deep and moving a story underlies the fun. Just a great read. ~ Esaias Baitel, Eliabooks LLC booksellers

Howard Marc Chesley
Howard Marc Chesley Born in Boston, Howard Marc Chesley began his craft at the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and then at UCLA Film School. He has since had a l...
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