Snapshot Americana

Snapshot Americana

Is it possible to look in all directions?


Snapshot Americana is a creative non-fiction that looks into the eyes of the disadvantaged, with writings from 2006-2008.
It's about witnessing the privileged roll up their sleeves to make sure the less fortunate eat. It's about watching people battle for their values while those who mock stand no more than five feet away. Most importantly, it's about leaving that zone of comfort and exploring unfamiliar areas and circumstances: situations involving gentrification, infestation, police harassment, ways of self-governing; conversations with those who have suffered, and are still suffering, due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina; laborers on strike; and a unique discussion concerning the possibilities of global destruction with a woman who has been living on the street, across from the White House, since the Reagan Years...among many other things.


Throughout my career, I’ve worked with, been acquainted with, and mentored numerous authors - Jeff Musillo exhibits a talent that surpasses them entirely. His conversational style engages his readers, his tone is reminiscent of a young Hunter S. Thompson, his dedication and creativity are a boat sailing into an uncharted, magnificent sea of words… In a country where reverse altruism is a rare gem, Jeff shares the wealth with his audience. His compassion, his astute revelations, and his ability to be incredibly relatable pave the way for an extraordinary novel. From New Jersey to New Orleans, Jeff captures the voices of America - and it is of vital importance that they be heard. His journey takes us on the most important of adventures, viewed through the eyes and spoken through the words of an astonishing new author and human being. Jeff is a man on a mission to reach out to the overlooked, the misplaced, the misjudged - opening our eyes to captivating characters, concepts, and most of all TRUTH. If ever a book was meant to be a cathartic experience for its readers, Snapshot America is it... The country needs to hear the voices that have gone unheard for so long... ~ Wendy Ott, freelance writer (former head writer at Nickelodeon)

Jeff Musillo
Jeff Musillo With literature, Jeff Musillo published his debut novel--The Ease of Access--in 2013. His poetry chapbook has been published by The Operatin...
Why Are We The Good Guys? by David Cromwell

Why Are We The Good Guys?

Reclaiming Your Mind From The Delusions Of Propaganda

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Framespotting by Laurence & Alison Matthews


Changing how you look at things changes how you see them

Laurence & Alison Matthews

Romeo and Juliet in Palestine by Tom Sperlinger

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Physical Resistance by Dave Hann

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People v. Tony Blair, The by Chris Nineham

People v. Tony Blair, The

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Rules Without Rulers by Matthew Wilson

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Cyber Disobedience by Jeff Shantz, Jordon Tomblin

Cyber Disobedience

Re://Presenting Online Anarchy

Jeff Shantz
Jordon Tomblin

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