Save Send Delete

Save Send Delete

Save Send Delete is the memoir of a debate and a love affair between a famous atheist author and an obscure Catholic professor.


Save Send Delete is a debate about God between polar opposites: Mira, a poor, Catholic professor and Rand, an atheist author and celebrity. It is based on a true story.

Mira reveals gut-level emotions and her inner struggles to live fully and honestly, and to laugh, in the face of extraordinary ordeals. She shares experiences so profound, so holy, they force us to confront our beliefs in what is true and possible. Rand hears her; he understands her; he challenges her ideas; he makes her more of herself. The book is in essence a love story.

What emerges from these eternal questions is not so much about God, but what faith means to us, and ultimately, what we mean to each other.


Happened upon this book quite by accident. A fortuitous one at that. It's been too long since I've read a non-formulaic, original work, let alone one that openly bares the soul of the author and makes you respect them for honestly portraying life as filled with shades of grey instead of being just black or white. Perhaps it was David Eggers "Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" that last moved me this way. Ms. Goska's intelligent and eloquent use of the English language vividly and realistically conveys a broad range of human emotions, including, wonder, inquisitiveness, love, lust, anxiety, exhilaration, disappointment, anger, loneliness, fear and hope. Mira, who represents Ms. Goska in this story, is the protagonist. She invites us along on a private journey of discovery as her act of reaching out to a stranger, a famous academic, takes her on a long road of self exploration, winding down many paths. Ultimately, breaking from the day to day correspondence, the book fast-forwards several years into the future with Mira reflecting back on their intense relationship. Told in the form of a series of first person emails, we are allowed to see only Mira's side of the correspondence with the academic, Lord Randolph Court-Wright. ...The undercurrent of the book is the budding love story and saga of two incredibly talented individuals that are unexpectedly brought together, and that support, challenge, chide and at their core, care for each other. This particularly struck home for me, as I have also experienced a deeply moving, intellectual and emotional relationship with an unattainable member of the opposite sex. Readers don't need to personally experience this however, as the message however of finding meaning and purpose by and through interaction with others is universal. "Save, Send, Delete" is a highly intelligent, thought-provoking book that keeps the reader engaged and rooting for a happy ending until the very last page. Such a richly nuanced portrayal of a deeply moving, human story deserves to catapult Ms. Goska out of obscurity and into the limelight as one of the most powerfully authentic authors of our time. Full Review... ~ Kincaide , Amazon Review

 A quirky, intricately woven, multi-layered love story, a debate that couldnt be between greater opposites: a devout Catholic schoolteacher and a dogmatic atheist author. ~ Stuart Balcomb , composer, Gravity and Grace


Danusha Goska is a lyrical, forceful writer with a huge heart and talent to burn. Her inspiring observations embody the best vision of which we humans are capable. Goska deserves widespread attention.

~ Larry Dossey, author, Reinventing Medicine and The Power of Premonitions


I was very affected by the love story. The last twenty pages really had me biting my nails.

~ Robert Ellsberg , author of All Saints and Modern Spiritual Masters: Writings on Contemplation and Compassion.


Save Send Delete is beautifully written, and there is much in this work that intrigues, entrances, informs, & moves me. Danusha Goska writes with flair, vividness, and depth about two faith systems; two levels of consciousness; two geographical, sociological, historical, & psychological planes of existence – yet in each sentence, she searches for grandeur, wholeness & transcendence in both.

~ Charles Ades Fishman, poet, Chopin's Piano.


Danusha Goska is a terrific writer and thinker and reading Save Send Delete – whether you're an atheist or an agnostic or a true believer – will be a blessing to you.

~ John Guzlowski, poet, Lightning and Ashes.


It is a given, as consistently observed by others in print, that Danusha V. Goska is an exquisite writer. Her words paint the richest of images for the reader, while the images themselves become the suddenly clarifying metaphors for those parts of our humanity we may have forgotten. What is not so often stated is that one is hard pressed to read Ms. Goska's writing passively. Her essays and books oblige readers to assert their own positions on a wide variety of issues ~ note her work in Bieganski, Homosexuality and the Bible, or her latest work, Save Send Delete. Ms. Goska ultimately draws us into a dialogue about her and our faith – a theme that is the common thread throughout her writing. To this I can attest personally, as one who reads her works and is always energized by the debate. 

~ Dr. Michael Herzbrun, Rabbi Temple Emanu-El, Rochester, NY


Zippy and vivid writing; Goska spins a fascinating tale. 

~ Oriana Ivy, poet, My Grandmother's Laughter


Cheeky, mystical, merry, dark, and deep, Goska's wit, intelligence, and faith shimmer on every page.

~ James P. Leary, author, So Ole Says to Lena


A powerful and evocative reflective journey.

~ Paul Loeb, author, Soul of a Citizen.


Goska writes with wit, exuberance, and grace about matters of the heart and the soul. Save Sand Delete works on multiple levels –emotional, spiritual, and physical – to evoke in readers an awareness of life's splendid mysteries. It's a Christian Eat, Pray, Love (without the Eat), offering readers an entertaining, insightful story about two very different but equally unforgettable individuals.

~ Daiva Markelis, memoirist, White Field Black Sheep.


With spare but dramatic and searing description Goska takes the reader on a quest for the essence of life – and faith. Along the not-so-beaten path her followers discover heart. Save Send Delete is a story to Read Realize Retain. 

~ James Conroyd Martin, author, Push Not the River and Against a Crimson Sky.


Save Send Delete tackles meaty and timeless topics in a fresh and highly entertaining form. It packs in age-old questions of love, God, suffering, transcendence and death with humor, grace and wisdom. It explores relationships: between men & women, between students & teachers, and ultimately between ourselves and who we want ourselves to be and mean. As a practicing Catholic, I found myself humbled by Mira's insights and experiences. As a computing professional, I reveled in the interaction of two minds reasoning about faith. I inhaled this book in hours, yet I feel it will have a profound and lasting impact on my life.

~ Barbara E. Moo, author of programming language textbooks and former executive at Bell Labs


Falling down the gap

When you arrive into the stations of the London Underground, a recorded voice intones 'Mind the gap. Mind the gap.' It is something Londoners take for granted.

We live in a world that, we are told, is getting smaller. We can travel around the globe in a matter of days, move between cultures in a matter of hours. What do we see when we arrive? We see the golden arches, the logos of familiar shops and all too often, the familiar sound of the English language. The world is getting smaller, we say. A comfortable mantra. A comfortable untruth.

We no longer see the gap.

Danusha Goska's book, Save Send Delete, tears that comfort away. She writes about a divided world, a world in which the unbelievably wealthy live in world that they barely see and are not aware of the immense privilege of their existence; and the unbelievably poor live in a world more harsh than we can imagine, but that also contains beauty and generosity.

Danusha Goska turns what could be an academic abstraction into the living world of real people who come vividly alive in her prose.

She not only sees the gap, she has gone into it, and in her writing offers to share that journey and the insights it has given her.

~ Danuta Reah, author, Listen to the Shadows


The writing is stunning, the intelligence razor sharp. A beautiful piece of writing and a story that will stay with me for quite a long time, I can already feel it. 

~ Laura Young, photographer, author, All is Well: Drawing Wisdom from the Well of Grief and Joy.

Danusha V. Goska
Danusha V. Goska Danusha V. Goska was born to Eastern European, peasant immigrants in New Jersey. She has lived in remote villages and large cities in Africa...
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