Realignment Case, The

Realignment Case, The

Should the dead stay dead?


Geneva, 2012. Disgraced lawyer Daniel Athley starts a job with a shadowy international organisation that has a secret it will kill to protect – the past can be changed.
Working for the enigmatic Counsellor Winter, Dan’s role is to defend the status quo. Discovering a plot that could unleash chaos in a disordered future, he must choose a side in a murky world where the fate of the dead is decided.


Ethical dilemmas, science fiction and a courtroom thriller all in one, thought-provoking novel… Daniel Athley, while awaiting news of whether his actions at a work party will result in dismissal, gets recruited into the shadowy Le Département de la Dernière Justice in Geneva. And so begins a tale of moral checks and balances, legal imperfections, and ill-advised use of scientific advancements… The plot was tight, the writing descriptive and suspenseful, the ethical issues raised provided food for thought and the sci-fi element was realistically incorporated into a contemporary legal thriller. A good read. ~ CPhilippou,

A clever and fast paced courtroom drama. There are twists and turns a plenty and the richly drawn characters will seemingly stop at nothing to achieve their goals. The Realignment Case can be found in the sci-fi sections of bookshops and on websites, the cover clearly marks it out to be a sci-fi book, the description on Dearden’s Facebook page references the time altering sci-fi premise and yet it’s not really a sci-fi book. It’s a courtroom drama, it’s a thriller, and it’s a crime book. Yes, it is indisputable science fiction but I wouldn’t class it as a sci-fi book. But maybe that’s just me. This is a clever book, occasionally too clever and the science aspects teeter on the edge of being too dense for a book written for entertainment. The diverse characters are generally well written, although frankly, some of them are despicable creatures. The female characters are less well done but this doesn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the book. It’s an intriguing premise and Dearden manages to successfully sustain the intrigue throughout the book whilst negotiating a fast pace and complex plot. Awarding this 4 bites today… very tasty! ~ The Bookeaters,

This book was amazingly exciting. I absolutely loved it and knew I would before I even read it. The premise is right up my alley, a theme I really enjoy, yet the author has written a completely original body of work. And just look at the cover! It's amazing. I'm big on cover design, and this one suits the story perfectly. Read this book! I highly recommend! ~ Suzanne Korb,

Heard about this new British writer while spending time in the UK recently. This is a well-written novel, with vividly drawn characters and scenes and an intriguing plot.....lightened by frequent injections of humour throughout. Main character is plausible and likeable......we sympathize as he is thrown by a new job into a bizarre and intimidating world, where he is joined by a colourful, often eccentric cast of characters. This book would appeal to fans of thrillers, court-room dramas and action novels......though it's exploration of time-travel and alternative destinies would probably place it in the realm of science- fiction. My husband and son also read and enjoyed this novel, despite us all having very different tastes in literature. Overall, a worthwhile and entertaining read, that I could safely recommend to a fairly diverse audience! ~ LMB,

Extraordinary and original, "The Realignment Case" documents author R. J. Dearden as an impressively talented novelist who is able to keep his readers solidly engaged and entertained from first page to last. Very highly recommended for community library Science Fiction/Fantasy collections .. Michael J. Carson Reviewer ~ Michael J Carson, Midwest Book Review

Solicitor Daniel Athley doesn't know what he's letting himself in for when he takes a job as a Realignment Clerk in Le Département de la Dernière Justice, Geneva, offered by a man named Winter. Having just been suspended from his job in London for attacking the boss's son, Daniel feels he has little choice, even though he has no idea what the job entails and what the mysterious KASSI machine, which Winter keeps referring to, is really all about. What follows is a courtroom drama a world away from any he's experienced before. Even though a murderer in manacles is present in court, he has already been convicted of the murder: what the court is trying to decide is whether his victim deserves to live again. But tinkering with timelines can lead to complications. As one character observes: 'Once you start pulling at a thread, you could risk unravelling the whole fabric'. This clever, absorbing, action-packed tale repays the reader's close attention, to ensure that every twist and turn is captured, in all its vivid detail. ~ C Matthews, Amazon

...‘The Realignment Case’ is a terrific novel placing time manipulation in the dock with morals being scrutinised or ignored if it’s your own and you are on the legal team. There’s yet one more surprising twist as the story reaches the conclusion. This nicely brings together the loose threads and quirks in the previous chapters. I think this is a real winner and strongly recommend it. ~ Andy Whitaker,

This novel is a tour de force of the imagination. There are many sci-fi books which focus on changing the past but none use a Court of Final Correction to ensure that justice prevails as R.J. Dearden does. If you like intriguing twists and turns that will hook you to the page, then this is the book for you. Highly recommended. ~ Linda M. James, author

R.J. Dearden
R.J. Dearden Influences: Philip K Dick, China Mieville, Frank Herbert and John Stuart Mill. 'The Realignment Case' by R J Dearden is a sci-fi pulp cr...
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