Polka Dot Girl, The

Polka Dot Girl, The

Detective Eugenie Auf der Maur is about to discover: in Hera, the female of the species really is more deadly.


Madeleine Greenhill was rich, beautiful, reckless…now she’s dead, dumped in the water. Her mother Misericordiae is the most feared woman in Hera City, which puts added pressure on investigating detective Eugenie Auf der Maur.
Gutsy, smart and likeable, ‘Genie’ thought she knew the strange, all-female world of Hera inside-out. She was wrong, and gets drawn into a labyrinth of sex and money, power and religion, double-cross and corruption. Nothing is at seems and nobody can be trusted as she becomes obsessed with finding the girl’s killer.
Hard-edged and soft-hearted, The Polka Dot Girl combines a serpentine plot, bristling dialogue and shadowy, sensuous atmosphere to create a classic noir-style mystery: Sam Spade in lipstick and a dress.
In Hera City, the female of the species really can be deadly.

Darragh McManus
Darragh McManus Darragh McManus is an author, journalist, playwright and screenwriter. His first book, GAA Confidential, was published by Hodder. He also pu...

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