Pavlov's Dog

Pavlov's Dog

Stan Pavlov's acting career has literally gone to the dog...


Down-and-out actor Stan Pavlov’s life takes an unexpected turn when his beloved Dog inadvertently gets cast in the commercial Stan was auditioning for. Pavlov’s Dog moves to LA and ascends to stardom in a late-night talk show.

Stan quits. He has flushed acting out of his system, until the Dog, sick and broke, needs money for an operation - having blown all his on chew toys and bitches... Stan grudgingly agrees to become a prime-time game show host, but finds that money, fame and attention can’t erase the simple truth: there is no loneliness quite as profound as a man separated from his dog.


I loved this book! It's the story of a Dog that found fame and fortune accidentally, only to blow it all on "chew toys and bitches"! It's also about the unbreakable bond between human and dog. He becomes down and out and so returns to his owner, Stan Pavlov, as he is in dire need of an lifesaving operation which costs money. It's a Man has Dog, Man loses Dog to Fame, Dog returns to Man type of story. Wonderful! Highly recommended. ~ Eileen Hall, GoodReads, NetGalley

A light hearted humorous, witty story about a failing actor who's dog becomes more famous without even trying, really enjoyable read. ~ Elizabeth Romaine, NetGalley

I found Pavlov's Dog to be entertaining, with a biting wit and nice sense of satire. David Kurman writes vividly and his words punch up the page. Recommended for anyone looking for a book that is somewhat like Tarantino having a drink with Vonnegut. ~ JD DeHart, NetGalley

This was a bit of a fun read for me. Well, initially hat's what it started out being. A bit bonkers, a bit strange, a bit funny on the side. But as it went on, it started to take itself a bit more seriously and started being a wee bit philosophical. Definitely a book that can be read on many levels depending on the readers own background and other comparisons they make from their own life experiences. It becomes the story of an unbreakable bond between man and his best friend and the lengths he will go to repair the past. Stan is an interesting character to say the very least. A washed up actor who is scraping the bottom of the barrel just to do something in the field. Lowering himself at every turn. At one audition he loses out to, of all people, his own dog. Dog then becomes a star and he loses him too. Stan then follows the obvious downward spiral as Dog's star shines bright. To tell the truth, Stan is a pretty nasty person during these times and I did lose faith with him a bit along the way. But then, Stan is offered the ultimate gig; host of a new game show. A rather interesting (shall we just say) game show where the contestants have to act like animals. See, that's where the bonkers element comes forward! The rest of the book is beyond describing, mostly cos it just has to be read in context to everything else but, suffice to say, Stan's true colours shine out once again and you just know how it will all end up. And it does. This is definitely going to be a marmite book. I admit that it won't be for everyone. People will give up half way through even but, you know what, tempted as I also was to throw the whole thing it, I did stick with it and I am glad I did. There were some very funny moments. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. ~ Kath Brinck, GoodReads\NetGalley

David Kurman
David Kurman David Kurman has spent twenty years in advertising despite never having committed a crime of any kind. Pavlov's Dog is his first novel (that...
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