Particle of God, A

Particle of God, A

A book of hope for those who feel they have been denied what they deserve in life.


Why do some people attain fame for what they do, and others, of equal or superior talent, do not? Is it merely luck, random chance, a crap-shoot? Or is there a predetermined script for success or failure in our lives? The question of who is anointed with stardust and who is not has haunted Joey Robin all his life. When he is fired as a local talk show host after forty years on the air, he sits home alone wallowing in a pool of what should have been. One night he gets a strange and disturbing e-mail that says, Do you want to die? Thus begins his astounding mystical journey where he encounters some surprising visitors who guide him toward self-awareness. A Particle of God is an engrossing book of hope and possibility for those who believe they have been denied what they deserve in their life. Teddy Bart is a radio and television broadcaster currently co-hosting the spiritually focused Beyond Reason.


Teddy Bart is a veteran Radio and TV talk show host from Nashville. He grounds the wisdom he wishes to convey in his novel, A Particle of God, in the world he knows. It is this fondness and admiration for, as well as his intimacy with, the world and the luminaries of broadcasting, combined with the importance of his message, that keeps us engaged. Well, that and the poignant and credible portrait he paints of his main character, radio personality Joey Robin, even when the character’s experiences land him soundly in realms most would deem incredible. As times change and ratings slide, Joey Robin loses his position as a Memphis broadcasting fixture when he won’t agree to the now-common slide of standards demanded to spike controversy and ratings. Without a professional outlet for his passion, long simmering insecurities about career, his purpose, his worth, understandably boil up and threaten to drown him in self-pity. Then the fun begins; and while he isn’t as intransigent as some protagonists, it takes him a while to enjoy it! The novel, a sweet and fast read, is flawed in many ways, but demonstrates an unseasoned (I assume) writer’s talent for observing and conveying human nature insightfully, and his potential, with experience, to craft a narrative with richer, more efficient prose, to match and demonstrate his depth of understanding for the subject matter. Mr. Bart has managed to make us care about a character quite morose when we meet him, partly because Robin’s predicament is one with which all too many of us is familiar. To elaborate too much would deflate the value of reading the book. In brief, Bart’s quick, contemporary narrative conjures up a parable which examines potent cultural and existential themes: fulfilling one’s life purpose, what defines true success, and the distinction between true fulfillment and external recognition. These are crucial matters to make peace with amid the sometimes-crushing demands of our You are what you do (and how you appear) culture; and matters so many of us struggle with, even when we may “know” better! I dare say these themes are therapeutically exercised in the reader as s/he follows Joey Robin through his paces. Moreover, the light-hearted and high-powered help he gets will either may simultaneously spark in the reader envy and renewed faith. So, even in spite of some patches of somewhat hackneyed prose, mixed metaphors, grammatical glitches, and some unclear plot passages -- especially during the last few muddled pages -- the spirit and wisdom of this little novel speak well for it, and speak well enough to the reader to sneak up and serve them a dose of valuable remembrance! Each of us is an essential Particle of God, but not every particle can or need be seen and recognized by every other particle. Enjoy the view from where you are…and wave (as I hear particles do). ~ Michou Landon, Mount Shasta Magazine

This is one of the better visionary fiction novels I've ever read. It has it all: a page turner, with great characters, suspense, metaphysical insight and wisdom. A powerful voice of reason and magic has entered the scene. ~ Robert S. Friedman, President, Hampton Roads

Teddy Bart is a terrific teacher and story teller. A Particle of God is written from the depths of his soul, from the place where all souls try to remember what we are doing here. Read this book for fun and you will be surprised at how much you learn about yourself. Read this book to learn something about yourself, and you will be surprised at how much fun you have. ~ Thom Rutledge, author of Embracing Fear

A Particle of God is an imaginative ride through the possibility that life is our own creation! A fun read with new twists on reality, this book is a must read for anyone anywhere who secretly dreams of what life could be like if only... ~ Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., author of The Children of Now and others

Teddy Bart
Teddy Bart Veteran broadcaster Teddy Bart hosted Nashville television's award winning Noon Show and WSM radio's Waking Crew. Eleven years later, he bec...
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