No Fire Escape in Hell

No Fire Escape in Hell

Escaping an abusive marriage, Maddy, a singing telegram performer, is forced to live in her car while trying to raise 100 grand to pay her husband to go away


Maddy makes a fine living as a singing-telegram performer and is the proud mother to an over-achiever. The downside? She's in a mentally abusive relationship with her husband that she fears may turn physical at any time. Her husband agrees to leave the marriage, but only if she hands over 100 grand in cash.
Determined to make that goal, but unable to live with her unstable spouse any longer, Maddy decides to move out. Her only option, in order to save as much money as possible, is to move into her car...
Heartfelt and humorous, No Fire Escape in Hell will have you rooting for Maddy as she encounters the goodness in some folk, the badness in others, and endures sleepless nights avoiding the eye of police as she looks for places to take a nap.

REVIEWS & ENDORSEMENTS Awesome review of No Fire Escape in Hell. Describes book better than I ever have been able to - completely "got" it. ~ Nimue Brown, Druid Life book review blog

Thanks again, Nimue Brown! Besides an awesome mention on her blog site Druid Life, she also took the time to leave an excellent rating on goodreads. Sure, I got a 5/5 last time, this time I got a 4/5, but I'm ok with that. Some like this one better, others like the other one better, as long as they're LIKING them! The link is below: ~ Nimue Brown, goodreads

A book about a woman fleeing a bad marriage? ... I was prepared for a sombre and sad read. Instead, as the author did with her last book (Lights! Camera! Dissatisfaction...), Kim Cayer has taken a dark subject and turned it into an entertaining, comedic read. The characters (the tow-truck driver, the daughter's transgendered boyfriend, the husband, among others) are well-written and the dialogue is totally believable. An excellent read for anybody, whether you're married or not! ~ Patricia Andrews, producer and actor, and Artistic Director, The Performing Arts Group Acting School.

The author quickly pulls the reader into a fascinating world that seems so real and yet quite unusual. From entertaining gigs to heart-breaking encounters, one cannot help but feel for Madeline who works so hard to escape from her own hell at home. An interesting read that makes it hard to put the book down. ~ Judy Peters Funk

Kim Cayer
Kim Cayer Kim Cayer is a professional entertainer and writer living in the Toronto, Canada area. She writes everything from screenplays to poetry, bu...
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