More Snapshots? From My Uneventful Life

More Snapshots? From My Uneventful Life

More inspiring true stories and out-of control hysterics from the author of Snapshots From My Uneventful Life!


More Snapshots is the cheeky sibling of its predecessor Snapshots From My Uneventful Life. Chatty, hilarious and often poignant, David I. Aboulafia takes us on a journey through every day, real-life events that start out as uneventful, but that wind up being anything but…


I loved the first book in the series and wondered if Aboulafia would be able to sustain the energy in this sequel. I'm pleased to say that he did indeed...there's still the youthful exuberance and wacky sense of humor evident in much of what he's shared...In Aboulafia's introduction, he mentions that some of the readers of his first Snapshots book asked for more, and I will confess to being one of those benighted souls. I'm glad I did. The author's tales continue to enthral, bemuse and outright entertain. His writing style is conversational and smooth, and loaded with quirky surprises that jump out when one least expects them. More Snapshots? From My Uneventful Life is most highly recommended! ~ Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

David I. Aboulafia
David I. Aboulafia DAVID I. ABOULAFIA is an attorney with a practice in the heart of New York City. He spends the wee hours of the morning writing books that t...
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