Mistfall in the Grove of Dreams

Mistfall in the Grove of Dreams

In eleventh century England a young boy is identified as a 'wyrd one' and is sent into the forest to know the ways of the Mist...

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Eleventh century England; life is hard. A young boy is identified as a 'wyrd one' and is sent into the forest to know the ways of the Mist. Learning that life does not work the way he had believed, he takes his first steps on a journey into understanding the purpose of his own life and the dangers inherent in a life lived without spirit.

Part adventure, part fable, Mistfall in the Grove of Dreams is a story of the great Mysteries which have been taught all over the world for thousands of years, retold for our times.


A truly magical story that captured my imagination from beginning to end! This gripping modern take on the path to inner wisdom is enchanting, with a serious twist in the tale that will leave you wanting more! I couldn't put it down until finished. ~ Nina Ashby, author of Simply Colour Therapy

Paul R. Harrison
Paul R. Harrison Paul R Harrison has been a student, practitioner and teacher of the Western Mysteries for over thirty years, gaining a familiarity with the ...
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