Miracles Are Made of This

Miracles Are Made of This

Miracles Are Made of This connects you to the ageless wisdom which enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things!


Miracles Are Made of This is a contemporary story about wisdom; the one and only ingredient which enables miracles to happen. The central character is female and she has found wisdom. It was there all along, in the one place she had never previously looked - within her. Her success was achieved through a training programme designed for her by wise people. Miracles Are Made of This charts the next phase in her never ending story, which requires her to devise training programmes for others, so that they, too, can connect with their own innate wisdom. The tasks and exercises she sets for the people she meets are all in the context of their day to day lives, adhering to the fundamental principle that in the midst of the apparently ordinary the extraordinary will be found. In this book, life changing wisdom bubbles to the surface. Readers can easily identify with the everyday situations and interact with them. It is profoundly inspirational whilst at the same time being light hearted, with generous amounts of humour.


An easy to read, yet very thought-provoking story, told with light-hearted humour, and containing some very accessible and easily assimilated gems of wisdom. ~ Pauline Curel, Editor Rainbow News NZ

If you enjoyed The Barefoot Indian, then I'm sure you'll absolutely love this too. We are taken further on the journey, with such brilliant, insightful statements, and a "list to make you think". I won't spoil it for you, suffice to say, Julia Heywood has produced another wonderfully well written book, with an absolutely beautiful finale. Awesome!

~ Alun Jones, Life Coach, Lifesense.co.uk

Miracles Are Made of This is thought-provoking, entertaining and empowering... Julia has the gift of presenting spiritual truth in a contemporary and appealing way. I loved it! ~ Rose Elliot, author and columnist

Julia Heywood's Miracles Are Made of This reminds us of the inherent simple sweetness of life. ~ Diane Powers, Co-producer of ONE The Movie

Julia Heywood
Julia Heywood Very early on Julia Heywood discovered the real value of the day to day details of her life: they prompted her to constantly turn inwards to...
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