A Swedish Affair

Alan Harrison is mourning the death of his wife. A trip to Sweden is in the offing - but will it help him get over it?


Alan Harrison is a perfectly ordinary, middle-class, middle-aged and happily married man. But when his wife, Susan, suddenly dies, his life starts to disintegrate. Rather than stay at home where the memory of his wife still haunts him, he decides to spend the summer in Sweden at the invitation of his in-laws.
On the shores of Lake Malaren, he discovers fresh reasons for living and a contentment he had not previously thought possible. But unexpected guests arrive to disturb his new-found peace and he is forced to take unprecedented steps to recover it.
Set against a backdrop of stunning Swedish scenery, MALAREN shows us the redemptive power of physical labour and male bonding as an unlikely hero struggles to overcome his challenges.


In his third novel, N.E.David continues his exploration of the lives of individuals under stress in exceptional situations. The clarity of Nick’s writing makes his novels a joy to read and this is the best yet. Well crafted and totally compelling, there’s a real art to keeping the reader involved in this type of book, and in MALAREN he pulls it off with aplomb. ~ Alan Gillott, writer and broadcaster

A tale of loss, friendship, dark secrets and human vulnerability expertly weaved by the very talented N.E.David. The stupendous setting of Lake Malaren in Sweden makes this story even more enthralling. A must-read. ~ Daniela Norris, author of Recognitions

Nick David writes with compassion and wit. He weaves strong characterisation with superb imagery throughout the novel. The reader feels empathy for the protagonist, Alan Harrison, as he struggles to come to terms with the tragic death of his wife. The novel sizzles with unexpected events, including an epiphany that provokes the next step on Alan's life journey. ~ Cathie Devitt, author of Don't Drink and Fly

Reading a novel by N.E.David is like receiving an invitation to dinner with new friends. His ease of writing is no accident as he skillfully draws us in to a gripping story enhanced by the tragedy and beauty of the Swedish landscape. An unforgettable read. ~ Steve Norris, Chair of York Writers Group

A moving and absorbing story of a man coming to terms with his grief. ~ Pamela Hartshorne, author of Time’s Echo and House of Shadows

N.E. David
N.E. David N.E.David is the pen name of York author Nick David. Nick tried writing earlier in life but like so many things, it did not work out first t...

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