Mad Gods and Englishmen

Mad Gods and Englishmen

A Fantasy

To avoid taking the fall for the ultimate murder,Tommy Storm must confront powerful forces that desire to control the world.


Private Investigator Tommy Storm is hired by a top Hollywood film producer to find his missing daughter and her leading man lothario. As Storm and his goody two-shoes doppelganger investigate the case, sinister forces conspire to commit the ultimate murder. The question is: who is on the side of the angels, and can either Storm tell the difference?
As the truth unravels, Storm must contend with divine double dealings, saving his genitalia, the end of the world, the Second Coming, extremely violent debt collection, sexy dames, the meaning of it all and where the hell he can get a drink! So join Tommy on the case of a lifetime as he saves the world, his balls and maybe even gets the girl…unless it all goes hideously wrong.
Which, of course, it will...


"I very much enjoyed it. I thought it had a compelling and fascinating premise, an intriguing and flawed-but-sympathetic protagonist, and a slick, emotional prose style." ~ Matt Lohr, author of "Dan O'Bannon's Guide To Screenplay Structure"

"If the Large Hadron Collider smashed particles of Philip K Dick and Charles Bukowski into each other the result would be Ian Armer. This book is a classic of its kind." ~ Anthony Peake, author of 'The Daemon' and 'The Labyrinth of Time: The Illusion of Past, Present and Future'

"Ian Armer explores a fantastic situation in "Mad Gods and Englishmen." His poetic style and brutal frankness will lead you to look inside, to examine your own soul. It ranks with the best novels of our time." ~ Tessa B. Dick, author of 'Philip K. Dick: Remembering Firebright' & 'My Life on the Edge of Reality'

"This is a story not to be missed!" ~ Peter Jarrette, author of 'Brighton Babylon'

"If you crave a good, solid, well written book that holds nothing back and delights with hardened cynicism, then order this book today. Ian Armer is a genius." ~ Stacy Thunes, screenwriter.

"A marvellously entertaining Hollywood story that is scary, fascinating and undeniably addictive." ~ David Bircham, Comic Author of Brodie's Law, and Channel Four's Alien Ink.

Every now and then you stumble on a surprising book. Something entertaining that also makes you think. Mad Gods and Englishmen is a fast-paced novel that almost from the first page is deliciously off-the-wall. Armer’s story telling is fluid and witty. The way in which events unfold is written with pace and keeps you nose to page until the end. Mad Gods and Englishman is an ambitious book and Ian Armer pulls it off very well. ~ Dr Gary Michael Vasey, Asteroth's Domain -

"Ian Armer is a genius. Mad Gods and Englishmen kicks the ass off the ancient dilemma of God’s bewildering behaviour towards man (if indeed, God or Man can be said to exist definitively in this questioning, quantum multiverse of Armer’s). Armer makes this knotty philosophical problem one of the most rip-roaring, action-packed and achingly delicious yarns ever. Tommy Storm, Hollywood gumshoe, with a penchant for trouble and grim wisecracks, is one of the most original and filmic characters in literature and will surely spawn sequels; if anyone should be multiplied, it’s this guy. Armer’s book is part Raymond Chandler, part Hunter S. Thompson, part Charles Bukowski, part Fritz Leiber, part Philip K. Dick, yet wholly itself and unique from those writers. Not since Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny or City of Spades by Colin MacInnes has a book crashed into consciousness like this as the indisputably next big thing. Armer’s world is populated by unforgettable characters like Pliers, Cross and the heavenly Rochelle, who meet up in bars like the Ding-Dong and Heave-Ho. Ian Armer could write the leg off a plucked chicken, serve it raw and make you beg for more. Take this edgy, urban, futuristic, meta-morphing, yet improbably romantic roller coaster ride. This book is a classic." ~ Lisi Russell, actor, scriptwriter, columnist, singer & wife of director Ken Russell and actress in 8 Ken Russell films.

Ian Armer
Ian Armer Amazon top 10 best-selling author in Sci-Fi short stories, January 2013 with 'Mad Gods & Englishmen.' Ian Armer began his writing caree...
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