Lysander's Legs

Lysander's Legs

Lysander’s Legs...a story not of unrequited love, but of love that is requited just enough to give hope...


Lysander’s Legs...a story not of unrequited love, but of love that is requited just enough to give hope... Laced with poignant humour it charts how Julia has her personality systematically diminished by a failing relationship which still has a magnetic force from which she cannot escape.


This is a book for anyone who has ever been young and unsuccessfully in love, i.e. most of the world's inhabitants. Julia, the book’s heroine, combines wit and intelligence with an agonizing, and all too recognizable, emotional naivety which makes us cry and laugh by turns in recognition. How many of us have, at some time, listened to a friend’s rhapsodic account of a burgeoning love affair, knowing even as the words are spoken, that it is all going to end in tears? One squirms for both the hero and the heroine, as we watch them fall in love with the wrong people. But, before it sounds too harrowing, there is plenty of light relief with Jane Myles's genuine laugh-out-loud set pieces. I loved it. ~ Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey

Jane Myles captures the spirit of the times and the poignancy of a doomed romance, at the same time exploring the shifting sands of sexuality. The perfect lesson in how to fall in love with the wrong person. The painful honesty of both the central characters and the strong sense of time and place (mostly the seventies) makes this the perfect read for people of ‘a certain age’. ~ William Nicholson, writer of Shadowlands and Gladiator

From as young an age as I can remember, my mother, Jane Myles, is the BEST story teller I have ever known. I hope she inspires you as much as she has always inspired me. ~ Sophia Myles, actress

A great piece of sun-lounger ‘hen’-lit for those who are beyond chick-lit qualifying age and who need a break from a surfeit of Hilary Mantel. Despite being a touching tale of ‘requited but not requited enough’ love, there is a seam of self-deprecating humour which makes one really care about the central characters’ voyage of emotional discovery. ~ Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the US

Jane Myles
Jane Myles A linguist by training, Jane Myles was the editorial manager in an educational publishing house for over 30 years where she wrote and edited...
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