Last Observer, The

Last Observer, The

A magical battle for reality

A magical struggle for reality - whose reality will prevail?


The Last Observer is a compelling tale of magic, alternative realities, murder and conflict. An ordinary man is abruptly dragged into the middle of a violent struggle between black and white magicians who both seek to use his extraordinary powers of imagination and observation. He soon learns that reality is not at all what it seems before being called upon to play a decisive role in determining whose reality will prevail.


Maybe I shouldn't have read the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads after reading the Last Observer. I had to go back and read it again to make sure I had read the same book. After a second reading, I still can’t bring myself to agree with either the five star reviews or the one and two star reviews. And that is the beauty of the written word – just as the author provides the platform, the reader adjusts their own interpretation from their own perspective. The Last Observer is actually a highly entertaining read, a classic good versus evil yarn, which I enjoyed reading (twice) and would maybe merit development into a full novel in order to explore and expand some of the themes, such as the background to the characters, the origins of Zeltan etc, which in turn, would add more plausibility to some aspects of the story. For readers expecting the same fluent first person story telling style found in My Haunted Life then beware, the third person narration used by G. Michael Vasey in The Last Observer is very different in style and eschews some of the writing conventions often found in the thriller genre. It’s not a book that asks questions, it’s not another ‘The Devil Rides Out’; it’s simply a short, fun novella that can be consumed in a few hours while unwinding on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. And for those of us who like their novels served with a dollop of kitsch, then what the author may have inadvertently done here, is create a future cult classic. ~ Paul simpson,

Really enjoyed this book - kept me enthralled from start to finish - the author writes in the style of Dennis Wheatley of which I am a great fan, this book as other reviewers as said this brings Dennis wheatley into the 21st Century, This is a real find and hope the author continues to write more like this. Nice to now that the spirit of Dennis Wheatley is alive. The story itself makes you think is this our own reality or someone else's ? ***** ~ A. Jackson,

The Last Observer is a short novel written around the different schools of thought which revolve around the universe. Science versus magical manifestation. Edward Bright has been collecting data on unsolved crimes relating to suspicious deaths of people with magical abilities. Edward is a magician himself and believes he's found the next victim. Stan lives alone and loves his books. He gets absorbed in reading and has a great imagination which at times he's put to good use when he finds a situation that he'd like to change. Edward contacts Stan and persuades him that he is in danger from a group of people who want to make a different reality. He explains that because of Stan's amazing imagination he is what is called "An Observer". In Houston, Texas, Alison has been in contact with an man called Zelton from London. He runs a school of Elements and offers to help her with her psychic awareness. He invites her to London, paying her fare and hotel. Stan soon finds himself under attack and goes on the run with the help of Edward and Jo, a lady that Stan is instantly attracted to. Stan learns that "Imagination is the engine room of creation" and begins to understand the danger he is in. The story opens the reader's eyes and echoes many teachings. Just what is reality and what is imagination? Just a couple of questions which this book may leave you thinking about. The review is based on a copy of the book given to me by the author. ~ Rosie Amber, Amazon

Interesting perspective regarding how our infinite minds may shape our collective reality. Many books tackle this hypothesis, but this action thriller makes for fun reading as you gather fascinating concepts along the way. The story line and presentation of historical ideas is quite similar to a Dan Brown novel, in an abbreviated version. ~ Verna Ray-Breaux,

This book was a blast to read! With 114 pages of pure mind bending content, my restless modern soundbite trained brain was totally engaged for the two nights I read it. I have to admit I was upset that bedtime on a work night came at page 65 because I wanted to continue the story. I am not a scientist nor a metaphysical practitioner but I walk away from this book with a very good understanding of how you must have some Yin with your Yang. I appreciated that part of the story was set in my part of the world (Texas) and also in the UK where I have many good friends. Loved the ending! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING and it worked! I think there was a little PKD in there! I recommend. ~ Chap Kincaid,

I though the story was excellent although the concept and characters could possibly have been more fully developed in a longer book. That said, partly because of the length, the book moves at a fast pace and keeps the reader engaged throughout. I read it a a single session. I would like to see some more done with the concept, perhaps in a sequel. The ideas in the story really demand fuller development. ~ Lotus Ranger,

With the Devil Rides Out, Dennis Wheatley thrilled the world and introduced occult fiction and with the amazing The Last Observer Dr Vasey has taken over the mantle. A thoughtful and well written book. I can't to return to this new genre of occult\science fiction. Keep up the good work Dr Vasey, ~ Paul Hilton,

Stan has a gift. He has always had the ability to affect his surroundings. He just does not realise the magnitude and potential of this ability. There are some though who know only too well what this could mean and the purposes to which it could be put and when a spate of psychics end up dead in mysterious circumstances it becomes clear that they are unlikely to give Stan the time he needs to discover his true potential. Help though is at hand and when Edward realises what is afoot it becomes a race against time and impending doom to find Stan and save him and the wider world from catastrophe. A thoroughly engaging career through the magical and metaphysical realms which effectively melds the new physics with ancient science, does it at break neck pace, and keeps the pages turning in a story that is un-put-downable once started. An effective cautionary tale for novices and adepts alike, which should come with a script-writers alert; this would make a cracking film! I enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to the sequel... ~ Stuart France,

I gave Mr. Vasey's book a 5 star rating. The reason is simple. It reads well on many levels: If you are experienced in the Western Esoteric Tradition you will quickly relate the the truth contained throughout these pages. If you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, there are hidden gems of ancient knowledge buried deep within the pages of this book. And, if you just want a great ride, this book will thrill you like many other mystery books but with the advantage of the aforementioned perks. I really enjoyed reading it. ~ Stephen O'Connor,

Really enjoyed the book,.Adventure and Magic rolled in to one,in your imagination it's as if your thoughts overlap,love the idea of the observer aspect" and the nature of a hidden reality, a fast paced book which leads to fascinating end. With a blending of a Magical mix. ~ Ann Parry, Goodreads

Gary Vasey's The Last Observer is crafted to reach the reader on a number of levels. As an old fashioned mystery thriller it's hard to put down. It explores the world of ceremonial magic and the 'occult' and deeper ideas of the nature of reality and quantum physics without making sacrifices to the genre in which it is written. The Last Observer is a classy, well crafted novella which leaves the reader satisfied and hooked. Great read. ~ Dominic Cavanagh, Goodreads

The Last Observer is one of those wonderful novels that can be read in an afternoon and discussed with your friends for weeks afterward. Since the release of Dan Brown's DaVinci Code and subsequent best-seller sequels the world has been awash in books dabbling in the occult but like Brown, never truly crossing the line, or worse yet, taking the leap and the reader wishes they had stayed in place. It is not that there is anything wrong with magic in novels specifically dealing with the occult, it is instead in the way most authors write about it. Best selling authors like Brown titillate us with it only to give us a rationalized ending after 600 pages or so. Authors who have practical knowledge of magic and occultism often find out after the horse has left the barn, that while they know magic, fiction writing is not their calling. In short, all to often the reader is left wanting. Not so with The Last Observer, if anything, we are left wanting more. Just like the novels by my good friend Dr. Joseph Lisiewski, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found here, for both its insight into occultism, but also reality itself. The thrust of the story is simple: our hero is drawn into the conflict between two powerful magicians, along with the usual murder and mind twisting mayhem that accompanies battles between good and evil. It is here that Vasey shows us his stuff as a writer and a practicing magician. You see, Dr. Vasey is a scientist as well as a novelist. His keen awareness of the subtleties between the objective and subjective realms of existence are the real treat that the reader is given. The power of imagination, quantum physics, and ethical struggle that makes up magic on a very real level. Maybe it is no surprise that as I went to write this review at my favorite coffee shop, that I remember the words of one of my teachers as I stood in-line waiting for my order to be taken, it was, “See everyone around you as an enlightened being. See the men as the God of Wisdom, and the women as his consort Truth. This is how they really are. Treat them each as a god and goddess.” This is a difficult task in the best of time, let alone on Black Friday. It is too easy to lapse into a lame New Age 'namaste' either mentally or verbally with people. But to hold onto the irate woman taking your order late in the day as a goddess, well, that just takes effort. And that is what Vasey's work, The Last Observer is all about – effort. The effort it takes to get and stay 'awake' and to see reality as it is, not as we believe it to be. The dedication of this book contains the following: To the seekers of hidden knowledge everywhere, the way is long and hard. Don't cut corners! Yet, Vasey also addresses that age old question, raise so eloquently in the novel and movie Jurassic Park, about what happens when power is obtained without the discipline required to either understand or wield it properly? Vasey is swift and clean in his writing, both in the scene descriptions and dialogue, making The Last Observer a book that comes in at under 120 pages and can be read in an hour or two. That said, a small part of me would love to see the dialogue in Chapter Twenty – Zeltan Speaks performed by Al Pacino just as he did his famous defense of the human condition as Satan in the movie version of The Devil's Advocate. If you liked that scene, you'll enjoy this strikingly honest appraisal of modern magic. ~ Mark Stavish, Institute for Hermetic Studies,

I just finished reading The Last Observer!! It was very interesting and I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it!! I don't usually get into stories about magic but I really enjoyed this one. It's a quick read and it's very interesting!! It will definitely get you thinking!! ~ Beth Murphy,

The title is just as intriguing as the entire book! Written as a novel, there is a great deal of content dealing with quantum physics, magic and reality. The story itself is engaging, with believable characters. There are many twists and turns, in a world of black magic, and white magic. I am still pondering the surprising ending, and I will read this book again soon. ~ Deborah Lloyd,

Just finished reading this book and it is well worth the read. I had trouble putting it down to go to work or sleep. I found it informative and exciting. It pulled me along and kept me interested to the end. Check it out!!! ~ Beverley Heis,

I knew nothing of the "world of magic" before I read this. Although the work is fiction, is gives a quick introduction into that world. At the same time the book is enjoyable to read, keeps you turning the pages and yet does not take too long to read. Very good if you want to learn something, be entertained and have an hour or so to spare. ~ Anon,

The Last Observer is a fun adventure of two unlikely souls coming together just in time to save the world. Gary Vasey has built an engaging cast of characters that I look forward to reading more about in future adventures. I am always interested in a fun fantasy tale that pays homage to a strong imagination and a pure but vulnerable heart. This one was made even more fun by the references to Texas, in particular Houston, since that is my hometown. I thoroughly enjoyed the physics knowledge laced into the story and the occult references were light enough that I did not feel uncomfortable. If you enjoy a story filled with good character development, good versus evil, pure hearts versus dark souls and unlikely heroes then this will be a book that will leave you looking forward to Mr. Vasey's next installment. ~ Sylvia ,

I read The Last Observer over 2 days and can say that I really enjoyed the book. It was a captivating mystery from the start with an unexpected twist at the end. I really enjoyed the way the author brought science and magic together and explained the connection between the two. I feel, the character, Stan could have been brought to life a lot more, he is a very interesting character and his special powers could have been greatly expanded on, nevertheless the book held my interest from beginning to end. This book will certainly offer readers food for thought through the ideas and philosophy presented within. ~ Debra Lawrence,

This book is FUN. It is a very fast paced read with more emphasis on action than on detail... or so it seems until you realize that along with the dose of entertainment you've been drawn in to an intense lesson on the nature of reality. It is a good adventure story which delves into the underground world of esoteric magic and flies into the more airy concepts of quantum physics - and where the two seemingly opposite realms merge. ( Note: I am relatively clueless about quantum physics.) It reads like a cross between the concept of the Matrix and an early 20th century occult thriller. While overt Christianity is absent, there is no relativism here. That would have created a completely different book. The Hammer film The Devil Rides Out, adapted from a Dennis Wheatley novel, comes to mind. The protagonist, Stan, a reclusive bookworm, finds himself sought after, and literally pursued by both sides of a cosmic battle. Their target: a man whose inability to fit comfortably in the so-called real world brought out the full force of his imaginative talent, a gift that both shapes and defines reality. The observer/recluse is really the spinner of the world. Imagination is reality. Stan's introduction to the unfamiliar occult world who has reached for his soul is rocky. The farther in he gets pushed, the more is unveiled, and the reader is invited to learn along with Stan the nature of that world, its values, and how to discern the motives and workings of the participants. His counterpart, Alison, is a naive and somewhat lazy seeker of the unseen who is drawn in by the wrong side and falls hard. Both have much to learn. And learn they do. Without giving away the plot twists I can at least venture to say that Stan emerges from the adventure wiser and a solid support to others in his newly cultivated field. But enough of the Serious Stuff. Go read and enjoy. ~ Darcy,

“The Last Observer” was quite different from books that I normally read. It combines science and magic in a fascinating way, and it is more thrilling than most crime novels. The story moves in a very fast pace, with two stories progressing in parallel towards a common goal. Before you know it you have read the whole book, and you can’t wait to read the sequel. Definitely a recommended read! ~ Mattias Palm, Mattias Palm

Gary creates a world of mystery , intrigue , magic and suspense. A gripping read which is instantly believable and leaves you wondering where the next book will take us! Come on Gary can't leave it there! ~ Steve, Facebook

Most writers at the beginning or the end of their book acknowledge the help they have received in researching the specialist areas that their story touches on. For The Last Observer Gary Vasey thanks a couple of people but not many, the reason for this immediately became clear as I began to turn the pages of this engrossing tale, the truth is he doesn't need help. It is clear from the get go that the author has a lifetime's learning and passion for the themes involved to draw on. This alone enables the Last Observer to stand out from the many formula thrillers covering similar ground. To put it simply this guy really knows his stuff. Having chosen to write an adventure story based on what to the layman are quite difficult concepts to grasp, Gary Vasey has the tricky task of explaining the theory side of things in enough depth as to enable the reader to understand what the hell is going while at the same time not getting bogged down and interfering with the narrative of what is after all a jolly good thriller. There are a couple of points in the plot firstly the scene setting between Edward and Stan and then in the exciting denouement where some measure of in depth explanation is necessary, in both I felt the author got it just right, the "oh right I see now" moment was just long enough before the "ok, what happens next?" part of my brain took over again. If I have a disappointment with The Last Observer it is its length, after just a few pages I really wanted to know more about these believable characters and this exotic world they had stumbled into and had to balance my enjoyment of the plot with the reality held in my hands that it would all too soon come to an end. I could have easily read a hundred or so more pages of backstory especially the origins and plans of Zeltan and his shadowy organization. My personal solution to this, and I recommend it, was to read the book twice, firstly at the fast pace which it is impossible not to read it at. Second time around, after only maybe a day's pause, more slowly to get my head round and reflect on the concepts on which the story is based. Maybe in the future we can look forward to something on a grander scale, I think for now the author can be well pleased that he has surely whetted the appetite of anyone who comes across this story, reads it in one sitting and is keen to read ( and learn) more about this intriguing world. ~ Joe,

For such a small book, 112 pages, it packs a punch. The 'Last Observer' is a compelling read which includes magic, alternative realities, a number of murders and happy ever afters. My only criticism is that my coffee got cold, but nevertheless a cracking wee read ~ Francis,

The Last Observer blew my mind! When I began to read it, I had trouble putting it down. The mind begins to get caught up in the story as if projected within my mind like a movie. The best book I have read in ages. Upon where it ended, I never saw what was coming! The biggest twist I have ever come upon in a story line. Well suggested! ~ Liam,

As a novice to this fiction/fantasy genre this certainly was a step into the unknown. Strongly recommended by a friend, I bought the book with my harboured negative preconceptions of fantasy books, which can of course have an outcome on reality! After the first chapter, any doubts were now truly cast aside, with such an engaging and enthralling novel - it may be short in pages, but long in enjoyment. From the initial chapter to the twist at the end, it sends your pulse racing and imagination into overdrive. The author writes with such passion, knowledge and articulation and I cannot wait for the sequel! ~ Rich, Amazon

I just love novels that educate as much as they entertain. The Last Observer spins a fantastical tale of a black occultist attack on science, a fast and riveting journey from Houston to London to the Astral Plane and back. Vasey's references to quantum mechanics and the occult invite the interested on a challenging intellectual journey: have Google, will travel. I hope Vasey does not stop with a single book; the characters he develops in the first are interesting enough to invite further development and it would seem he has but pulled the first of several threads at the seam between the scientific and occultist perceptions of reality. A great read! ~ JWM, Amazon

Although The Last Observer is only 112 pages, it is jam packed with the author's own observations about our reality and his theories on how we can change it. He uses his two main characters as the means to explain the concept of reality bending magic and how it is related to principles of quantum physics. Stan is an ordinary introvert. He works simply to buy the books he loves to escape into. He would prefer to live in the reality of his stories, then in our reality. But when he meets the mysterious Edward in his local pub his world is turned upside down. Someone has been killing psychics and occultists and he seems to be next on the list. But why? He's just a regular guy, nothing special. As the book progresses Stan learns that it's his extraordinary imagination that makes him a target. He also learns that he is much more powerful than he could ever have imagined himself to be. Edward and Zeltan are great characters. They are definitely the most animated in this story. I think they really bring it to life as a fictional tale surrounding the lesson of occult and scientific concepts within. If you are at all interested in these subjects then this is a brilliant introduction wrapped in a very entertaining story. It has constant action with magical attempts on Stan's life, car chases, and even a magnetic love interest! ~ GG,

A very enjoyable murder/magickal mystery, crackling with ideas about the nature of perception and reality. Fast-paced with a nice little twist in the plot, this put me in mind of the magical novels of Dion Fortune. Refreshingly free of the cliched superhero types with supermodel girlfriends, The Last Observer is the kind of book whose ideas will stay with you long after you've finished reading it. ~ Halbarad,

Being a big fan of fast paced, action books that have a twist, I found this book great. One of the most capturing features was the authors ability to force readers to use their own imagination by not being overly descriptive, ironically or coincidentally imagination (or visualization) is one of the main underlying themes in this novel. Vasey has the uncanny ability to be informative and provide real life facts without boring the reader to death. This novel has it all, an unassuming hero, a beautiful and intelligent woman, a powerful and clever villain, gun fights, car chases, unexpected twists and unlimited potential. In a nutshell The Last Observer is a great read for anyone, whether you believe in the power of real Magik or not ~ Mark Tredway,

This fast paced story takes us through the process of unveiling the true nature of who and what we are as Co Creative aspects of all that is , its as much a learning tool as it is an entertaining read ! The Last Observer is tailor made for those that love good story telling based on fundamental truths that are empowering and help to illuminate the way towards greater expansion of who and what we are. The ending of this story is “Brilliantly” thought out and represents our true nature and the incredible power that we have in shaping both our collective and individual realities. ~ Seth willis,

The Last Observer by G. Michael Vasey is compelling to say the least. He successfully manages to take every belief that you find solid and indisputable, and turns it on its head. Stanley is just an "Average Joe." He may be creative, but he's also quite solitary; so when he gets roughly shoved into a world that is already much more dangerous than the one that he has been pulled out of, he has quite a rough time at the beginning of his adventures. I absolutely loved the world building within the story. The imagery paints such a vivid picture that you could swear that you were there yourself...or at least saw the movie on the Scy-fy channel! The rituals were beautifully done and very realistic. This was a case where suspending my disbelief in magic and the occult was as easy as breathing. I loved the story, the characters, and the settings. G. Michael Vasey creates a compelling story from a perspective that one doesn't normally get to envision. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse through the eyes of an occultist lens, exploring both the nature of reality and how the human mind processes different things. As for the plot, I found myself guessing way more than figuring out what would happen. I personally love that. When there are twists and turns that make you go "WHAT!", it just makes me that much more satisfied with an already good book. This is the kind of book that really keeps you up late, just trying to finish that proverbial "one more page!" as you fight vainly against the sandman. This was a very intellectual book for something simply dubbed a Fantasy, and I believe any person willing to think outside of the box will absolutely love The Last Observer. ~ Katelyn Hensel, Readers Favorites

This is a fast paced, twisty, action-laden adventure, underpinned by a magical realism those interested in things occult will find familiar. It is a delight to encounter writing in the Dion Fortune tradition, drawing on actual magical practice and ideas, rather than being just escapist fantasy. Avid reader Stan is thrown unexpectedly into a world of real magicians, and told his life may be in danger. It’s a steep learning curve just to stay alive, and far more than Stan’s existence is at stake here. The Last Observer is very much a plot driven piece of fiction, not much time is given to exploring the characters. However, as the plot is compelling, and does not let up, this isn’t any great problem. An entertaining read underpinned by engaging ideas, if it sounds like the sort of book you go for, I anticipate that you will really enjoy it. ~ Brynneth Nimue Brown, The Druid Network

Guaranteed to leave the casual reader wanting more, and the "magical reader" desperately flipping back, jaw agape... A must have addition to any esoteric library. ~ Allan,

Well written and I love the attention to detail. But what I really hate in books is knowing or a good guess at what is going to happen next. I must say I hadn't a clue, and it was pointless trying to guess! I wont reveal the plot except to say an ordinary chap Stan's life becomes a cypher of twists and turns, and gets mixed up with a dark world of black magicians. No, not the Harry Potter kind, ones that really do exist in this world, along with the spiritual Masters. Loved reading this- absolutely brilliant. ~ Andrew,

The Last Observer is part of a rich literary tradition of grappling with the puzzling and profound implications of scientific discovery, spinning a compelling tale of intrigue out of a quantum theoretical premise about the nature of reality. As we accompany Stan, the story’s protagonist, into a mysterious and sinister world of magic – vividly brought to life by Dr. Vasey’s vast knowledge of the occult – we encounter a nefarious plot in which the stakes literally could not be any higher. Tense and absorbing from start to finish, The Last Observer is a fascinating story about an ordinary individual who reminds us of the extraordinary power of imagination. ~ Paul Vasey, Paul Vasey, New York

How would you feel if the reality you knew as intimately as your own thoughts was suddenly brought into question? If, in fact, you became aware that the two were inextricably linked, not just within the confines of your imagination, but in actuality? And if you could begin to understand this strange, unsettling concept, what would you do when it was borne upon you that someone wanted to hijack that reality, twisting it for their own ends and putting more at risk than your life? Such is the position in which Stanley finds himself. He is just an ordinary man, a loner with a vivid imagination who finds himself dragged into an unfamiliar world where those who share his talent are disappearing in strange and violent circumstances. In a strange and unexpected encounter, Stanley meets Edward, and the dangerous adventure begins. At the centre of this dangerous web is the enigmatic figure of Zeltan, drawing in the human threads to weave a tapestry that could rewrite history. Dr Vasey’s intimate knowledge of the world of ritual magic is used to dramatic effect as its darker side mirrors the twisted mind of Zeltan, painting a vivid and harrowing picture of the abuse of the potential of the mind. In ‘The Last Observer’ Dr Vasey explores the nature of reality and the human mind. With his usual incisive style he exposes the knife edge where ego and ambition pave the road to a personal hell and highlights the illusions under which we live, both in regard to the manifested world we see around us and our role within it. This slim volume packs a thought provoking punch and is an addictive read. The fast paced story leads the reader through the twists and turns of the plot with a feel of being caught within the story. As indeed we are. Do not look for magic wands, happy ever afters and fairytales within the book’s covers. The Last Observer hits home at the point where science and magic meet and will leave you questioning the nature of your own reality and your place within it. ~ SC Vincent, SC Vincent

For some time now I have been thinking about reviewing books, but never quite managed to start doing so. All that has changed following my receiving a review copy of a forthcoming book. "The Last Observer" is an amazingly absorbing story about the nature of reality and it's manipulation. It focuses on Stan, a man who finds the world he can create in his head is far more satisfying than the mundane world we all live in, and how he gets drawn into a dangerous world where people want to use his imagination to change the reality we all know. While the story itself is very well written, with characters you can relate to from the start, what I found most intriguing was the application of quantum theory to place the more fantastical elements of the story into a rational, plausible plot without overwhelming the reader with jargon or feeling like it was jarring or detracting from the events going on around our lead characters. Indeed, this is the first fiction book in ages that has made me want to investigate a topic further. I love a book that draws you in and lets you submerge yourself in the world it creates around you, much like Stan, but this book had me actually leaning in, desperate to turn the page and find out more. For those of us of a magickal persuasion, the concept of using the mind to change the reality around us is familiar, and Dr Vasey writes with authority about the techniques without getting bogged down in ritual for those who are unfamiliar with the practices. In short, this is a well written book that grabs you from the start and doesn't want to let you go. I can't wait for you all to read it and see how much it makes you question your own reality. ~ WitchHazel, The Adventures of WitchHazel

"A story of magic...dark and of intrigue, murder and suspense. The author weaves real magic and mystery into this page turning story. A very good read" ~ Rachel Patterson, Author of Grimoir of a Kitchen Witch

I found this to be an incredible book, with a strong plot, well defined characters, and a very in-depth understanding of the material discussed (quantum physics, reality, the power of observation and more). It so reminded me of a Sherlock Holmes era story, with its twists and turns. I am sure that I will find the need to read this story again and again! ~ Bonnie Cehovet,

The Last Observer is a relatively small book with only 112 pages, but it’s an intriguing and fast paced mixture of ceremonial magic, quantum physics and murder mystery. In essence, our protagonist is Stan, a mild manner bookworm who works to feed his all encompassing habit of books. He is the reluctant hero of this tale and one I think many bookworms can associate with. The story is set in Britain and, of course, the meeting between two of the main characters, Stan and Edward, happens in a pub. Edward tries to make Stan understand he's not as ordinary as he thinks and the terrible urgency of his mission to save Stan’s life. Indeed, we learn several people, who are just like Stan, have already been murdered. ~ Edain Duguay,

Read at a gallop, this slim racehorse of a novel impressed me enormously with its speed and performance. I was unable to halt the literary ‘ride’ – and nor, in all honesty, did I wish to! Dr Vasey plays with the conventional understanding of the word ‘observer’ to create a very different ‘tune’, one which contains within it the ability – inherent within most esoteric training – to affect reality through the medium of the imagination, of thought. And, in Vasey’s intense fictional world, it is precisely this ability which is under attack by what could be defined as the Dark Side. I do not wish to give the plot away because I think there is something to be said for delayed gratification – and the twists and turns of Vasey’s novel are a pleasure to be savoured! I will, however, say this: his descriptions of the world of Ritual Magic, and particularly the rituals themselves, are brilliantly done – and eminently believable. I love the way the Alison/Zeltan and Stanley/Edward strands interweave – and the twist at the end came as a shocking surprise. I think it very clever the way Dr Vasey has stitched together the worlds of Quantum and of Magic to produce a colourful tapestry which allows us to ponder upon, and question, the nature of reality – and, indeed, our place, as collections of mutable atoms, within that. I thoroughly recommend ‘The Last Observer’ – and shall be re-reading it myself before long! ~ Alienora Taylor, Alienora Taylor

Dennis Wheatley brought up to date with a liberal spicing of speculation about the nature of reality, quantum physics and parallel worlds. This thriller novel is written by a practising occultist and it shows in the authenticity of every page. Highly recommended. ~ Herbie Brennan, New York Times best-selling author of Whisperers: The Secret History of the Spirit World.

Gary tells a classic tale of mystery and suspense but weaves within it a series of themes that would be at home in any modern physics text book. He masterfully uses his own extensive knowledge of modern magical rituals to create a tale that is both mysterious and intriguing. However the mystery soon gives way to something far more sinister and terrifying, a terror that explodes into a finale of epic proportions in which the fate of the universe itself is at stake. Once started this book cannot be put down and once finished you may just find yourself checking the shadows to catch a glimpse of the Lord of the Elements. ~ Anthony Peake, Author of Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die and many other books

The Last Observer is like the Devil Rides Out but on steroids. Magic and Science collide, dragging bookworm Stanley into a fast-paced adventure full of intriguing twists and turns and culminating in a battle over reality. Vasey combines ancient magic and quantum physics in a seamless picture of what reality might be and uses it as a theme to weave the devil of a story. It’s a gripping and thought provoking ride. ~ Alan Richardson, Author of Magical Kabbalah and many other books...

We all perceive reality differently, yet the evil Zeltan plans to control the universal consciousness. Because Stanley possesses a unique imagination, he is marked as another victim for the satanic tyrant. While fleeing from this threat, our innocent discovers his soul while Alison, dabbling in the occult, nearly loses hers. The author has created a convincing world of magic, quantum and mind-blowing ideas in which to set an endlessly surprising adventure. Along the way, enormous questions are being asked about how power should be used, whether it is scientific or magical. ~ Gordon Strong, Author of Merlin: Master of Magic and many other books.

G. Michael Vasey
G. Michael Vasey G. Michael Vasey is a Yorkshire man and rabid Tigers fan that has spent most of his adult life lost deep in Texas and more lately, in the Cz...
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Unknown Mother, The by Dielle Ciesco

Unknown Mother, The

Dielle Ciesco

Wrenne meets a Goddess who shares secrets and profound wisdom about the power of sound, words, and voice to heal and transform ourselves and our world. This is a work of truth disguised as fiction and a work of fiction masquerading as truth.

Gargantua Now by Rabelaise

Gargantua Now


a riddling comedy which parodies Rabelais' comic French masterpiece and a philosophical commentary on existence.

Plain of Jars, The by N. Lombardi Jr.

Plain of Jars, The

N. Lombardi Jr.

When Dorothy finds out the charred remains the Air Force gave her are not her son's, she traces his path into the hostile Plain of Jars.

Extinction by Ronald C. Meyer


Ronald C. Meyer

brings together the leading edges of both science and spirituality in an engaging thriller.       Forces of good and evil race to find cure for the Terminator Gene ,Think Jurassic Park mee

To the Devil's Tune by Jo Barnard

To the Devil's Tune

Jo Barnard

Racy, funny and joyful; take Jude's hand and join her on an exciting journey of self-discovery through darkness to light.

Deviant Apparition, The by SK Webb

Deviant Apparition, The

SK Webb

A mysterious encounter in a churchyard has such consequences that our scientific story is rewritten,and God is, at last, unmasked.

Take Me To Truth by Tomas Vieira, Nouk Sanchez

Take Me To Truth

Tomas Vieira
Nouk Sanchez

Best-selling title on shedding the Ego with sales in excess of 30,000

Pagan Portals - The Awen Alone by Joanna van der Hoeven

Pagan Portals - The Awen Alone

Joanna van der Hoeven

An Introductory Guide for the Solitary Druid