Journey Towards a Falling Sun

Journey Towards a Falling Sun

Romance, adventure, and a search for cultural identity, come together against the backdrop of the desert wilderness of northern Kenya.


He's a hard-drinking, philandering American engineer. She's a prim and proper African professor. Their improbable romance begins with a chance encounter on the streets of Nairobi, and soon develops into passionate ardor. Unaware of the consequences that their love affair will bring in the future, they soon find themselves caught up in the tumult of Kenyan politics, trapped in the center of a government scandal, and an incredible odyssey through the wilderness of the northern frontier is their only way out. More than a love story, Journey Towards a Falling Sun tells of a heroic struggle against all odds and a search for cultural identity in a rapidly changing Africa.


5 stars Growing up wasn't easy for Daryl Loomis but he’s determined that the rest of his life is going to be better. He’s going to have fun and be free forever. Except forever is cut short by something he never could have expected: love. Amonee (Pamela) steps out of nowhere and changes Daryl’s life forever. Because of her, there will be love, there will be adventure, and there will be danger. Life for both of them will never be the same as they face challenges they never would have expected come between them. Journey Towards a Falling Sun by N. Lombardi Jr. is a story of achievement. It is a story of loving someone so much that you would do absolutely anything for them. This is what Daryl and Pamela will do as they journey to be free together. But is it ever enough? Daryl is an interesting character and one that, from the start, captures your interest. This story starts out well with an interesting hook that makes you really want to know what happened to him to put him in this kind of shape. As the story backs up to his life before, you’ll find yourself absolutely captivated by the story of a man in love, and the woman he loves. Pamela and Daryl make an interesting couple and the way they are constantly going back and forth will keep you on the edge of your seat. But of course there’s action and adventure and unexpected twists throughout that will make you question everything in Journey Towards a Falling Sun. ~ Samantha Rivera, Readers’ Favorite

4 stars Daryl Loomis is a hard-drinking, philandering American site engineer living and working in Kenya. Pamela Amonee Emuria is a prim and proper African music professor at Nairobi University. Their unlikely romance begins with a chance encounter on the streets of Nairobi, and soon develops into passionate love. However, their love would face harsh obstacles from a political scandal. Journey Towards a Falling Sun by N. Lombardi Jr. is not only a love story, but also a novel that focuses on the corrupt side of governments and cultural conflicts with the beautiful yet desolate East African land as its background. Occasionally witty, at times heart-warming, Journey Towards a Falling Sun is a novel filled with interesting and suspenseful situations. N. Lombardi Jr. somehow gives a first-hand look at a fascinating continent that is still woefully misunderstood by most of the world, regardless of what we often hear or see from the news concerning its conflicts. The novel takes readers on an intense journey, from Daryl and Pamela’s romance to moments when the seeds of misfortune start appearing in the couple’s relationship. On the whole, a good read. The storytelling is firm and the pacing is excellent, albeit it slows down in some parts of the story. The characters are a solid ensemble and able to give readers the depth of the plot. ~ Lit Amri, Readers’ Favorite

5 stars Journey Towards a Falling Sun by N. Lombardi Jr. is a gripping journey through East Africa in the years 1979 through 1983. The author not only spins a romance and a thriller, but also provides a look inside major water drilling projects and the politics of post-colonial Kenya. Daryl Loomis is an experienced project manager in the business of drilling water wells in remote regions of central Africa. The child of European and Caribbean parents, Loomis has suffered many difficulties and indignities due to his obvious mixed race appearance. He has been drawn to Kenya, not only for the work but also because of a level of acceptance there. During the final planning for his next major drilling project, Loomis meets beautiful Pamela Amonee Emuria - a professor in music at a private school. Pamela has also had problems in her youth and at first the pair appears to be an unlikely couple as far as a meaningful relationship is concerned. Nevertheless, an initial physical attraction develops into an intense love affair. N. Lombardi Jr. then takes the reader on an incredibly detailed description of the business of drilling in remote desert and mountainous regions. The politics and the graft of doing business are placed alongside both the severe physical difficulties and the frustrations encountered by Loomis and Pamela in advancing their love for one another. Throughout those experiences, a political intrigue begins to develop and this culminates in a thrilling conclusion that this reviewer believes will take the reader by surprise! Journey Towards a Falling Sun is thoroughly recommended reading. ~ Jeffrey Brooke-Stewart , Reader's Favorite

N. Lombardi Jr.
N. Lombardi Jr. Nick Lombardi Jr. was brought up in Bronx, New York, and has spent over half his life in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Nick can speak ...
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