Journey, a Reckoning, and a Miracle, A

Journey, a Reckoning, and a Miracle, A

A retired George W. Bush, a Rapture believing teen pilgrim, and an injured female Iraq War veteran cross paths in this entertaining, transformative novel.


Set in America after 2008, A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle follows the stories of Lucy, a seventeen year old Rapture believer who travels on a pilgrimage to honor the dead but finds the living; George, a former leader, who through suffering, finally acknowledges his tragic mistakes and begins atonement; and Judith, a severely wounded Iraq War vet who recovers her identity, voice and sense of humor with the help of her loved ones. This magical story, dedicated to the great powers of healing, traces the inner and outer journeys of these and other Americans as they cross paths, transform themselves, and help revive the American dream. K.J. Fraser is an American psychiatrist and person of faith


In her first novel, A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle, psychiatrist KJ Fraser explores who we are as a society right now in 2009. We have suffered...and certainly we are looking for ways to begin the healing process and move forward into a better future. Through her characters..KJFraser concocts one possible path into the future. Her writing style is so warmhearted, and her capacity for comprehending the inner workings of relationships so acute, that even the most world-weary readers will soon find themselves forgiving their enemies and celebrating all the healing powers at our disposal...An entertaining read with lots of laugh-out-loud and cry-out-loud moments. What is astonishing is that a read this engaging could also have the power to bring about such profound change in the reader-and maybe even in the world. ~ Good Books in Bad Times, posted March 19, 2009

K. J. Fraser's "A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle" is a bold, brave and beautiful book. If one wanted to get familiar-or more familiar- with the American reality, culture and beliefs of the early 21st century, "A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle" would be a good place to start. "A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle" will remind readers of the horrors and mistakes of the past, but it will also reinforce one's belief in the inherent greatness of the USA. Above all, it will strike a chord with all those of us who firmly believe that one of the greatest treasures we have here are our people-no matter the race, religious affiliation, age, wealth or any other "defining factor." ...Even if you do not agree with all the observations, you should be able to appreciate the astute observations and the quirky sense of humor. Add this to the bravery displayed by the main characters-yes, ultimately all the main characters are shown as brave-and you have a clear winner on your hands. ~ Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson, Reader Views

This, K. J. Fraser's first novel, was inspired by former President George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign. Indeed, one of Fraser's highly-developed characters, serves as the fictional, sympathetic Dubya (a guy who wears a Texas Rangers tee-shirt but who is not a "Bush imposter") in this contemporary (post 2008) American tale of healing and self-transformation. With several strong characters, of different ages, races, goals and circumstances, Fraser maintains the reader's attention as she takes readers on a journey that the not-accidentally-named Angels Comedy Club ~ Stacy Harris, Stacy's Music Row Report-Book Reviews, Nashville, TN

"Spring...Summer...Autumn"...Three interrelated contemporary tales are fascinating though can turn heavy in their condemnation of the righteous right especially when condemning the Iraq War sold by chicken hawks at an exorbitant price to Americans. The book is timely with references to violence in the 1990s as another Democratic president is in the White House enabling the extreme right to justify their right to kill. Fans will be stunned by the amount of poignancy and emotion as the cast is solid even that of a caricature of a humbled George seeking redemption. Overkill yes, but well written and intensely interesting as the audience joins K. J. Fraser on A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle. ~ Harriet Klausner, prolific well known reviewer for Amazon

A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle is a beautiful and complex story following the journeys of various Americans as they travel down a path of healing... Fraser does a great job of intertwining the various stories. Each character is connected, even if they don't realize it the majority of the time. While not making it blatantly obvious, Fraser shows us these connections and allows us to see and feel how our actions and lives impact one another. I found A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle to be a truly enjoyable read. Although I never tested this, I do believe that one could read this book in a dark room and watch as the walls slowly lit up, glowing with the hope and love that poured out of this book. I would recommend this book to any reader, although young readers may have trouble with some of the more disturbing images from George's nightmares. A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle is officially a must-read. I've already got a line formed of friends waiting for my copy of the book and I'm sure they are all going to love it. ~ Cinnamon Brown, A Journey of Books

Everyone manages to be on a path of discovery, yet they don't often know where they are going or what they are looking for. George, once the most powerful man in the world, was looking at his past. Judy, who lost not only her arms and legs, also her eyesight in Iraq, was looking to the future. Lucy, who had no real idea where to find the Rapture, was looking everywhere for it. "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere man, crossed the deserts bare man..." Ah, Heck. Even Johnny Cash couldn't keep up with this motley crew.... I've been reading this book for a month. I'd pick it up, put it down and never seemed to get lost and my interest never wavered, but it isn't the type of book you want to read in a day or even a week. The reader can simply pick up where he or she left off because it is seamlessly written, but it is the type I call a "thinker." This is a brilliant first novel, but you won't find a thriller nor a book with a lot of action. If you want romance and Omar Sharif, he isn't here. If you want Harry Potter to turn back the pages of time, he won't, but if you want the heart and soul of this country you'll find you've struck gold - and it isn't a pretty picture. ~ Deb Fowler, reviewer from Vermont

A must-read, especially for those readers who have been angered by current events. It is a side-splitting, tears-laden redemptive book involving three of the most unlikely characters. A book about change and hope and tremendous courage. ~ Janie Franz, \"Reviewer's Bookwatch\", Midwest Book Review

Original, deftly written, and riveting read from first page to last, "A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle" by K. J. Fraser is a iconoclastic novel incorporating religion, politics, magic, humor, adventure, and human nature...Anything can happen with a little faith, a little forgiveness, a little courage, and a lot of creativity. HIghly recommended for personal reading lists and community library contemporary fiction collections, "A Journey, a Reckoning, and a MIracle" has more twists and turns than an Appalachian mountain trail-- and the journey through its pages is just as much fun! ~ MIdwest Book Review, Oregon and Wisconsin

Stepping back from the immediate narrative, we have a fascinating insight here into some of the moral concerns in contemporary America - its conscience about neo-conservatism, its ambivalence about fundamentalism, its phobias about terroism within. ~ Stuart Hannabuss, Women, word, spirit (Catholic Women's Network)

I got totally caught up in the adventures of the characters and really enjoyed it. I loved the writing style and flow of the book. The tone is perfect. A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle would make a terrific film. ~ Peter Kurland, Oscar nominee in sound mixing for films Walk the Line and No Country for Old Men, and winner of a BAFTA award for Walk the Line and two Grammy's for O Brother, Where Art Thou?

A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle is a serious uncomplaisant wresting with forgiveness and current politics. K.J. Fraser's writing is full of energy, imagination and a deep optimism. ~ Mark Vonnegut, author of Eden Express

A creative and oddly delightful (given the subject matter) parable regarding the tortured psyche of America in the Age of Dubya. I am reminded, in her portrayal of Bush himself, of Oliver Stone's surprisingly compassionate though no less damning portrait of the same gent in his movie "W." A Journey, a Reckoning and a Miracle provides sorely needed, poignant satire...liberal chutzpah that has been AWOL all too often for the past 8 years, if not since the election of Ronald Reagan. ~ Kate Niles, Award winning author of The Basket Maker

K. J. Fraser
K. J. Fraser K.J. Fraser is a psychiatrist born in Melbourne, Australia, now a naturalized US citizen. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Medical School...
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