Invisible Wounds

Invisible Wounds

When a rogue American Special Forces unit forms a drug cartel in the far reaches of the Afghan desert, Detective Morgan Huntley’s undercover investigation into the criminal syndicate entangles him in a web of deceit from which there is no escape.


In May, 2010, Special Agent Morgan Huntley learns that a close colleague has been abducted while investigating the shocking murders of two soldiers within a NATO command facility in Kabul, Afghanistan. Within days, it becomes clear that his friend's investigation had uncovered a disturbing rumor: a group of retired U.S. Army personnel may have returned to Afghanistan to build a drug cartel, posing as defense contractors and utilizing the Army's own logistics network.
With the clock ticking on both the case and his friend’s life, Morgan accepts an offer to volunteer for an undercover mission to Afghanistan, posing as a civilian contractor. Upon arrival, however, Morgan learns that the kidnapping is but one small piece of a wider and more dangerous puzzle. Worse, Morgan's civilian cover story is immediately endangered when a close friend of his ex-wife becomes a key asset in his investigation.
Invisible Wounds is a riveting thriller that navigates a world of hidden agendas, brazen deceit, and costly choices. Simultaneously gripping and fast-paced it is also a meaningful consideration of the generational costs of a decade of global conflict.


"...It seems to be well-written. Could have been taken from the headline news a few years ago. I liked the character of Huntley ... he's a man's man and honesty oozes from his pores. There are a number of sleezebags who cause any number of problems and have no moral compass whatsoever. And then there is the best friend of his ex-wife's and the potential of his true identity becoming known... putting everyone in danger...." ~ Linda Strong, Strong Book Reviews

"A real thrill ride,stayed up all night reading" ~ Judy Boose, NetGalley Reviewer

A woman officer is brutally raped and the incident is quietly and quickly covered up. When Special Agent Morgan Huntley goes after the officer responsible for raping the young women he is taken off active duty, arrested and punished. The young man in question comes from a connected family and Detective Morgan Huntley is forced to take action into his own hands... Within this novel you hear many voices. That of the members of the cartel justifying why they created their network, explaining that their only hope for survival was living in this dangerous country, working with the villagers and living a life they felt that would make them rich and valuable within themselves. Telling of how one of their members could not deal with the realities of coming home they used this as an excuse to salvage themselves. Morgan just wants to find out who killed his friends and the two other men found dead. Proving himself seems paramount and risking it the entire ultimate price. Victoria Solano works for the state department and got caught up in this web of lies and deceit but can she survive the end result? Some endings bring solutions but this one is so unexpected, so well crafted and allows readers to wonder to what lengths the army and government will go to protect its own. Cover-ups, lies, betrayals and one final deceit sends Morgan in a direction you just won’t expect. What happens to the cartel? Invisible Wounds: A country riddled with pain, fear and inner turmoil so terrifying that they cannot often be seen or realized. A young man fighting his way into the limelight, angered at what happened to a young woman whose life changed because no one would punish her rapist. Invisible Wounds: Whose will be healed? Read more ~ Fran Lewis, Just Reviews/MJ magazine

Dustin Beutin
Dustin Beutin Dustin Beutin is a native of Chicago and a fan of murky conspiracy theories. As an undergrad at Purdue University, Dustin pursued dual degre...
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