Gargantua Now

Gargantua Now

a riddling comedy which parodies Rabelais' comic French masterpiece and a philosophical commentary on existence.


Francois Rabelais was a French writer from 16th century whose comic masterpiece, Gargantua, is familiar to every French child, the Beowulf of French literature. Gargantua Now is a version for today's world. Both a parody and a riddling comedy, it is a story of magical reality, starting with the birth and education of the giant Gargantua and ending as a philosophical and psychological commentary on existence. It asks; what is wisdom? And points to the truth beyond labels.


An enchanting parody of today's world. It works so well. I enjoyed it very much indeed ~ Tim Waterstone

Please don't try and read this wonderfully quirky book with an intellectual mind set for it is in no way a serious book. It is in actuality as absurd as it is humerous and it is in effect a huge delicious nonsense with a capital N. When you 'get this' you will not be able to stop yourself smiling at the clever word play and the wackyness of it all. It pokes fun at our language, our expectations and our life in today's world. You may begin to hear your own internal dialogue reading in a 'Goonish' style, for the characters come alive in their own paradoxical way because they can in no way be imagined as usual or normal. Smile, giggle and feel bemused for the irony of this book is that this nonesense seems to have some strange sense to it. Laugh at life and feel your human mind's limitations being get stretched just a little. ~ Barbara Venn-Lever, My Spirit Radio

Rabelaise Rabelaise has been a therapist for the last 21 years. She lives in Kent with her three children, runs a meditation group, has set up a chari...
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