Front Page Murder

Front Page Murder

A Crampton of the Chronicle mystery

Comic postcard artist Archie Flowerdew is sentenced to hang…and it's no laughing matter.


Condemned man Archie Flowerdew is to hang for the murder of rival artist Percy Despart. Convinced of his innocence, Archie's niece, Tammy, persuades Evening Chronicle reporter Colin Crampton to take up the case, but the more Colin investigates, the more it looks like Archie is guilty. But as Colin continues to probe he realises that he is putting his job, and his life, in peril...

Join Colin in this Swinging Sixties fun adventure, where the thrills and the laughs continue right to the last page.

The third book in the popular Crampton of the Chronicle mystery series.


Peter Bartram has crafted a mystery that is a great romp. Front Page Murder is a lot of fun. ~ Mal McEwan, Crime Fiction Lover

It's another entertaining read with a suitably nasty antagonist. I didn't spot the killer. I did enjoy the way the leads came about, the comical descriptions, and the set pieces. ~ The Hound, Crime Thriller Hound

Front Page Murder wholeheartedly embraces the 60s vibe, layers of human interest, comical banter, a genuine Sheila called Shirley, plus there’s a crime AND a puzzle to solve – there’s even a partridge in a pear tree... Well, this had everything and I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m definitely looking forward to the next caper in the paper! ~ Little Bookness Lane

I highly recommend this book and this series. I think the series will appeal to a wide range of readers. ~ Cherie Jung, Over My Dead Body!

Like the others in the series, a lot of fun... with a lot going on that almost guarantees you won't spot all the twists and turns coming. Recommended. ~ Steve Barge, In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Kept me up at night just wanting to read the next page. Colin Crampton is a fantastic character. An excellent read and I'm already looking forward to the next in the series. ~ Helen Giles, Life of a Nerdish Mum

Another big hit. Peter Bartram has a delightful way of introducing places and characters. ~ Ann Summerville, Cozy in Texas

A joy from start to finish. Front Page Murder is wonderful entertainment, and is one of those rare books where there is a definite sense of sorrow that you have reached the final page. ~ David Prestidge, Fully Booked 2017

A very good mystery! It is enjoyable, fun to read and entertaining. It kept me guessing til the end there was never a moment of bore.Very recommended. ~ Anna Maria Giacomasso , NetGalley

The Crampton of the Chronicle books by Peter Bartram are such fun - even the corny puns and jokes. Front Page Murder, with some of the characters familiar to readers of the earlier works, is a light entertaining read that is hard to put down. ~ Gavin Roebuck, NetGalley/Amazon

Very much a good, old-fashioned detective story! This was my first of this series, and I'm looking forward to recommending this book in the future! ~ A. Beckert, NetGalley

I really do enjoy most of Peter Bartram books, especially these investigative journalist stories - they remind me so much of the era of pulp fiction. The characters are just so great, and the stories really have you at the edge of your seat following the twists and turns of the mystery. ~ Leyla Johnson, NetGalley

Peter Bartram
Peter Bartram Peter Bartram brings years of experience as a journalist to his Crampton of the Chronicle crime mystery series. Peter began his career as a ...
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