Feral Chickens

Feral Chickens

A Hawaiian Comedy

When fowl turn foul!


After coming into unexpected money, Ingrid Kristiansen decides to leave the frigid plains of the Upper Midwest for the surreal beauty of Kauai. Unfortunately, upon arrival, she learns that her idyllic paradise has one serious flaw: the goddamn chickens. Those bastards are everywhere, pecking at the ground, pecking at each other, pecking at people’s patience. They ruin paradise. Deciding that the island would be better off without such clucking monstrosities, Ingrid makes it her mission to remove the foul creatures, no matter the cost...

The hilarious second novel from author C. McGee.


When Ingrid Krisiansen comes into some money she decides to escape cold and dull North Dakota and embark on a new life in the sunshine of Kauai. In many ways Kauai is indeed paradise but it has one great drawback – chickens. Lots and lots of feral chickens, which swarm everywhere and make a lot of noise. Ingrid starts to find their constant clucking and the early morning wake-up calls unbearable. The only thing she can do is wage war on them and exterminate them. How she sets about this is at the core of this amusing and quite ridiculous novel, one which I very much enjoyed. Her madcap attempts are really remarkably funny and if the book is somewhat over-the-top at times, well, it matters not, as the author carries it all off with great verve and ingenuity. But it’s not all comedy – there’s a serious aspect to the book as well, as it explores tourism and development on the island, for one man’s paradise can soon turn into another man’s money-making exercise. I understand that there are indeed a multitude of feral chickens on Kauai, and in fact they really can be a pest. I’ve also just discovered that they are a pest on Jersey in the Channel Islands in the UK – who knew? For me this reality check added to the novel’s depth, making it not just a laugh-out-loud entertainment but a thoughtful one as well. ~ Mandy Jenkinson, NetGalley

Ingrid has moved from the Midwest to Hawaii and hates the chickens that run free through the island. She comes up with a plan to eliminate all the feral chickens of Kauai that involves smuggling mongooses. I really enjoyed this. It was amusing and definitely made me laugh. Even the kind of horrible parts (the multi-chicken guillotine and the whole kayak/mongoose debacle) were funny. I liked Ingrid and her attitude. Overall a dark-ish comedy with some kind of outrageous moments that I liked a lot. 4.5 stars, rounding to 5. ~ Annie Bruno, NetGalley

Ok, I admit it, it was the title that drew me to this book. Followed swiftly by the blurb. It definitely set my "bonkers" alert off, and anyone who knows me, knows that I do love a bit of bonkers in my reading! It was also a bit of a sign when, just after I started this book, one of my Facebook friends said in her status that she was fed up cleaning wild turkey poop off her property! I really was meant to read this book. So, Ingrid comes into am inheritance which enables her to up sticks and move to the beautiful, idyllic Kauai. Obviously it soon transpired that she really hasn't done her homework about her new paradise as she finds it overrun by chickens. Somewhat ruining things for her. So, she wages war on the feral beasts, making it her mission to rid the island of them. Well, when she isn't living it up partying with her friends or working her great job for her horrible boss. Add into the mix a new resort that she debates investing in and some rather interesting interaction with locals in a bar and you got yourself a rip roaring scream of a book that definitely hit my funny bone! This might not be a literary great in terms of content or execution but, you know what, it ticked every box for me as a read along the way and left me satisfied at the end. Some of the scenes had me holding my sides, almost crying with laughter. Others had me really sympathising with Ingrid as she suffered at the hands of her nasty boss. And I haven't even mentioned the mongooses yet! I had visions of cane toads in Australia in mind as I was reading about that solution to her problem. And the guillotine, an engineering masterpiece for sure. But fear I may say too much if I detail everything I loved about this book. The rest is yours to discover at your own pace. Suffice to say, it's bonkers and deliciously over the top in places and I blooming loved it! So much so that I am desperate to squeeze the author's other book into my already bulgingTBR. ~ Kath Brinck , GoodReads

I too, grew up in Minnesota like the author and later moved to California. And having literally just returned from a vacation in Kauai (Princeville and Hanalei), I was really excited to read this book! And it is hilarious for sure! Ingrid moves from frosty North Dakota to Kauai when she is 23 and gets a job as a tour guide. That is short-lived however, as her cohort is a raging... (well, I won't put that language in a review)! Kauai is paradise of course, but Ingrid absolutely hates the chickens that run rampant over the island and plans to kill them in any way she can--and believe me--these schemes are outrageous and hysterical. But beneath the humor we see politics at work as there are protests and controversies surrounding the impending development of peaceful Hanalei Bay with bigger and better resorts. So if you need a humorous beach read this summer--better yet, read it on a beach in Hawaii to capture the full flavor of the islands and Ingrid! ~ Anne Foster, NetGalley

This story was so funny.The chickens were bonkers like a crazy-funny retelling of the birds. If you want a laugh, read this book. ~ Carley Adair, NetGalley

Dramatically over the top and absolutely hilarious, the crude humor and ridiculous situations Ingrid puts herself in are laugh out loud entertaining ~ Kyra Leseberg, NetGalley

This book was really funny and made laugh out loud. The plot is quite weird and hilarious at the same time, the cast of characters is interesting and the style of writing is unsual and creative. Highly recommended! ~ Anna Maria Giacomasso, NetGalley

Fabulous, fun read. A balance of light humor and real cultural difference. Would highly recommend as a read for most. ~ Dawn Wells, NetGalley

Laugh out loud funny novel. I would love to see it made into a film. ~ Nancy Mijangos , NetGalley

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, although when I began reading I could not imagine how a story about feral chickens could entertain me! A well written, original idea for a story. ~ Margaret Wilkins, NetGalley

What a cool book. I loved it, the writing, the language, the characters, the story. It is one of those books that is totally unique and purely entertaining and pleasurable. It reminded me of the Scandinavian stories that aren't in a hurry but take you on a glorious journey, you just have to sit back and enjoy it. I can't not comment on the insults - hilarious! I now have a great range of names to hurl that will bring a smile and diffuse my anger! ~ Samantha Mortimer, NetGalley

Praise for C. McGee's debut novel, Exteriors and Interiors: 'Ironic, iconoclastic, riveting, and original, Exteriors and Interiors is a compelling read from cover to cover.' ~ Midwest Book Review

An exceptional story! A book to recommend! ~ Helen Callahan, Bookbub/GoodReads/Amazon

One of the funniest books I've come across. Cluckin' hilarious. An absolute side-splittingly funny book at times. Farce, black comedy - all about chickens?! I would recommend this if you're after something a little bit different. Ingrid is not your usual heroine, but she is definitely a strong, capable and determined woman, fighting against the villainy of an evil foe... the chickens of her island home. "I hate those g*dd*mn chickens with the fire of ten million suns..." Ingrid is a relative newcomer to the Hawaiian island, after coming into some money unexpectedly. Paradise it may be, in all ways but one - humans must share the island with the chicken population. And Ingrid, to put it mildly, is not a fan... "The larger hobby is war, war against the chickens. God I hate those little bi***es. They have been my sworn enemy since day one..." "An abhorrence of chickens...incessancy...torment...monstrosity...secretion...wretchedness" - Ingrid takes delight in choosing a suitable group noun for the menace. But she'll go farther than that in her her quest to rid her home of all chickens. How Ingrid tries to kill off the chicken population had me chortling away, it's crazy the lengths she goes to, and there are some fantastically bizarre scenes. My two favourites involved a guillotine and a mongoose in a boat. Trust me, craziest couple of chapters ever. Comic genius. I want to see this filmed, even for those two scenes, but Ingrid is an excellent role for a young actress, there are great minor roles for Hawaiian actors, and mongoose wranglers will find themselves in great demand. A refreshing comedy, with a wonderful setting and appealingly amoral protagonist. Very, very funny. ~ Katy Noyes, GoodReads

Well this book really fits into the category of everything I hate about books with an MPG of humour. BUT it so works I was hooked from the outset, the characterisation is fabulous. Ingrid is beleaguered day in, day out by feral chickens who don't appreciate her need for peace to think, make lists and generally make the most of Island life. The book follows her attempts to solve the problem whilst also settling into her new home and enjoying her new friends. I can't really do this book justice but it is one that has really caught my imagination and i shall look out for more by this author ~ Marie Riley, GoodReads

This offbeat and unusual read was the perfect way to unwind after a long day, as there were some parts that were hilarious! This is definitely the book for anyone looking for a unique and fun read! ~ Cristie Underwood, NetGalley

A relaxing book about an exotic island that you should consider taking with you to the beach. ~ Reading Badger, Reading Badger

C. McGee
C. McGee Raised in Minnesota, C. McGee currently lives in North Carolina with his wife Beth and their daughter Jo. He is the author of 2016 novel Ext...
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