Feral Chickens

Feral Chickens

A Hawaiian Comedy

When fowl turn foul!


After coming into unexpected money, Ingrid Kristiansen decides to leave the frigid plains of the Upper Midwest for the surreal beauty of Kauai. Unfortunately, upon arrival, she learns that her idyllic paradise has one serious flaw: the goddamn chickens. Those bastards are everywhere, pecking at the ground, pecking at each other, pecking at people’s patience. They ruin paradise. Deciding that the island would be better off without such clucking monstrosities, Ingrid makes it her mission to remove the foul creatures, no matter the cost...

The hilarious second novel from author C. McGee.


Praise for C. McGee's debut novel, Exteriors and Interiors: 'Ironic, iconoclastic, riveting, and original, Exteriors and Interiors is a compelling read from cover to cover.' ~ Midwest Book Review

C. McGee
C. McGee Raised in Minnesota, C. McGee currently lives in North Carolina with his wife Beth and their daughter Jo. He is the author of 2016 novel Ext...
Malaren by N.E. David


A Swedish Affair

N.E. David

American Fork by George B. Handley

American Fork

George B. Handley

No Safe Anchorage by Liz MacRae Shaw

No Safe Anchorage

Flight, exile, loss and hope

Liz MacRae Shaw

Little Wagons, The by Crozier Green

Little Wagons, The

The Traumatic Birth of Sicily's Cosa Nostra

Crozier Green

Man of the New Millennium by Gregory Dark

Man of the New Millennium

A search for us in an age of me

Gregory Dark

Karna's Wheel by Michael Tobert

Karna's Wheel

Michael Tobert

Her Morning Shadow by Ron Semple

Her Morning Shadow

Ron Semple

Coming From Nothing by Matthew McKeever

Coming From Nothing

A Thought Experiment Novella

Matthew McKeever

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