Fatal Facade, A

Fatal Facade, A

a crime thriller

A book full of incredible secrets. But one person is hiding the most incredible secret of all.


A FATAL FACADE is a crime thriller focusing on the lives of four people who become involved with Paolo Cellini, a 30-year-old wealthy art dealer who is killed in his marbled bathroom in Chelsea, London.

Each person is linked to Cellini in unusual ways: his lover, Bianca Vella, a Maltese nightclub-singer who worships him; Rico Batas, his Filipino nightclub-manager who hates him; his other lover, Angelica Logan, a woman with too many terrible secrets and Jack Bradley, an ex-DCI, who needs to redeem himself to his family and his colleagues by discovering the truth about the life and death of Cellini.
Jack’s obsessive search takes him down dark, disturbing avenues into the secret lives of these people who are almost crushed under the weight of Cellini’s narcissistic personality. Jack knows that one of them killed him but even he is stunned by the secrets he unearths.

The novel explores the universal themes of human frailty and our need to find forgiveness. For what man or woman can honestly say ‘I have never done anything wrong.’

Linda James' previous book , the psychological thriller THE DAY OF THE SWANS, is a finalist in 2013 The People’s Book Prize.



Jack Bradley, an ex-DCI, is invited to the apartment of someone who has died. Jack is currently a chauffeur, but he hates when puzzle pieces are out of place. The death is ruled a heart attack and no further investigation is ordered by the Met. Jack just can’t let it go. He believes it was a murder, so he goes undercover. Jack is no longer a DCI since his last case ended very badly with the death of a little boy’s mother. He resigned after a newspaper blew the story wide opened and chastised the Met for their incredible incompetence. He became a chauffeur and his son, Tom, lost respect for him. Jack’s wife has Muscular Dystrophy and is dying, so he is dealing with the end phases of her illness and her wish to have a dignified end of life plan, as well as his son’s fears about his mother’s illness. The murder victim, Paolo Cellini, is a young art dealer playboy. Through his undercover investigation, Jack comes to discover the women Cellini was involved with, his curious past and how he died. There is also a hit-and-run incident where a young boy ends up dead. The two incidents have people in common. Jack tries hard to work everything -- the investigations, taking care of his wife, trying to mend his relationship with his son and meanwhile it is Christmastime. The story is slow to start, with timeframes going from present to past and back again, but it ends up pulling you in. The coincidences of the characters that intertwine within the story lines are fascinating. ~ Aylah Foureste, http://iloveamysterynewsletter.com/AYLAH%20FOURESTE.html#FATAL

A gripping novel which will keep you reading late into the night as you discover all the secrets ex-DCI Jack Bradley uncovers. Some are more deadly than others! Make this the next book you read! ~ PETER OWEN JONES, TV BROADCASTER & AUTHOR

Linda M. James
Linda M. James Linda James' psychological thriller THE DAY OF THE SWANS was a finalist in The People’s Book Prize, 2013. She was brought up on the co...
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