brings together the leading edges of both science and spirituality in an engaging thriller.       Forces of good and evil race to find cure for the Terminator Gene ,Think Jurassic Park mee


Extinction, brings together the leading edges of both science and spirituality in an engaging thriller. It is the first biotech spiritual thriller, and is designed so that the reader experiences his own spiritual journey as he follows the protagonist Dr. Kira Taylors fictional one. Forces of good and evil race to find the Terminator gene. Can Kira develop a higher level of consciousness in time to save humankind from extinction?    

Can Dr. Kira Taylor develop a higher level of consciousness in time to save the humans from going extinct?


Science and spirituality come together beautifully in Extinction, Ron Meyer's thrilling and fast paced story about the search for what causes particular species to suddenly die off, and in this case, it's the human race.

~ Bruce Lambson , executive director and founder of All Rivers.org

Wow, what a ride! Ron Meyer has created a world where the modern day action thriller meets cutting edge science and evolutionary spirituality.If you're looking for a story that is highly readable AND has great depth, you'll love Extinction. Highly Recommended.

~ Paul Lonely, author and teacher at RAINBOW ABBEY A School for Evolutionaries


Ronald Meyer's novel, Extinction, brings together the leading edges of both science and spirituality in an engaging thriller. He skillfully weaves the themes of the emerging evolutionary perspective into an exciting tale that is bound to entertain and enlighten readers.  It is good to see the evolutionary pulse arising within popular literature.

~ Steve McIntosh, author of Evolution's Purpose and Integral Consciousness



Ron has written a well-researched and fascinating book that combines a compelling doomsday techno-thriller with a tale of spiritual awakening and evolutionary transformation.  His science is cutting-edge, his characters engaging and his story keeps you guessing until the last page.  John Stone, Enlightenment master . http://www.heartland-ei.com/



Winston Churchill recognized that we now live in a "period of consequences". For the first time in our history as a species what individual humans believe about the history of our species and of the Earth as a whole has direct consequences for our future on this planet. We can either accept the record of the past and learn from it, or ignore it at our peril. Ron Meyer's gripping novel is based on his lifelong commitment to furthering understanding of Earth's history, and on his pondering on what it might mean for our collective future. The story, which derives from extensive personal experience, weaves together narratives derived from of different ways of knowing into a dramatic and ultimately upbeat vision of a future that is even brighter than the glittering past. It's a thought provoking good read.


Nigel Hughes, Professor of Geology, University of California"


Ronald C. Meyer
Ronald C. Meyer Ron Meyer owns Centre Communications, a producer of movies and documentary DVDs, with sales exceeding one million units. He has authored th...
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