Exteriors and Interiors

Exteriors and Interiors

It’s what’s inside that counts … or maybe that’s bullshit?


Self-interest can motivate people to do a lot of horrible things. In this book it leads people to lie, cheat, mock their inferiors, deride newborns, abandon fat people, steal from the terminally ill, apply feces as camouflage, scapegoat children, push over conjoined twins, and hit strangers with clown shoes. In the process, the limits of egotism, the brutality of reflection, the realities of affection, and the ramifications of shortsightedness are explored. Also, there is a love triangle, as well as some stuff about friendship and women and baseball and hemorrhoids and manscaping.


Ironic, iconoclastic, riveting, and original, "Exteriors and Interiors" is a compelling read from cover to cover. While highly recommended, especially for community library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Exteriors and Interiors" is also available in a Kindle format. ~ Midwest Book Review

Juicy plot twists (that I secretly hoped would happen) ensure you stay up late reading. ~ Catherine Lobello, NetGalley

"Extremely dark humor that's very well done." ~ S. Loewen, Book Hookers

C. McGee
C. McGee Raised in Minnesota, C. McGee currently lives in North Carolina with his wife Beth and their daughter Jo. He is the author of 2016 novel Ext...
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