Executive Action

Executive Action

Two ultra-wealthy Americans hijack Washington's Middle-East foreign policy and explosively unleash their own Executive Action.


Appalled with US policy in the Middle-East,a billionaire defense contractor and a retired major general decide to mount their own Executive Action in the region. They build a small dirty bomb, and brutally brainwash a simple, garbage-truck driver, whose wife was mistakenly killed by terrorists, into exploding the device in the Grand Mosque in Mecca during the Hajj, with the intention of sparking a war between Shia and Sunni nations.
As the time ticks away, can anybody stop them...
Hugely pertinent and thoughtful, Executive Action asks about the world we live in and questions who really is pulling the strings on the global stage.


A thrilling look at the underlying power that private organizations can hold over countries, especially as it [power] pertains to causing instability amongst different religions. Read this book to challenge yourself as to whether one life is worth more than others, and if sacrifice is reserved only for "extremists". ~ Raychel Sullins, NetGalley

Within this country there are many who disagree with our policies concerning the Middle East and foreign policy. Author Jac Simensen asks readers to look long and hard at the events in this novel hear the many voices, understand the rationale and decide who or what needs to be done to either level the playing field, destroy those that want to pull more than the strings on the global stage or sit back and become complacent until something else happens... Hear the voices of the newscasters, watch the broadcasts described at the end of the novel and you the reader decide what’s next! The ending will lead you to believe that there might be a sequel to follow as the last line of the novel is frightening and the idea that there is more to come even more. ~ Fran Lewis, Just reviews/MJ Magazine

Jac Simensen
Jac Simensen Jac Simensen lives and writes in Punta Gorda, South Florida. He spent much of his life living in the Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where...
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