Even Flow

Even Flow

Meet the 3W gang. Regular young guys into movies, beer...and waging violent, vigilante war on society.

Meet the 3W Gang. Regular young guys into movies, beer, reading, clothes, music, hanging out…and waging violent vigilante war on society


Even Flow is an action-packed novel, cinematic, funny, and provocative. It is a fable wrapped inside a thriller, Germaine Greer crossed with Kurt Cobain crossed with Dirty Harry.

New York City: a man hangs upside-down outside a skyscraper. He is being punished by three vigilantes – and he is just the first.

The 3W Gang are regular guys. They believe society needs balance – enforced karma– through selective, brutal punishment of misogynists and homophobes.

Wilde, Waters, and Whitman are inspired by revolutionaries and feminists, art and irony. They are the grunge vibe made flesh and made angry: cool, witty, sexy…and dangerous. Hunting them is a gay detective, determined to see justice done but getting more morally ambivalent as he’s drawn into their world.

It is time for an Even Flow.


Darragh McManus (a journalist, music fan and, when he has time, international man of mystery) has written something just that little bit different. In this his first 'paper' novel (his first published venture being the e-book Cold! Steel! Justice!!!) he's written a highly entertaining thriller with one dimension more than some thrillers can boast... Please don't assume this is a thinly-disguised psychology text though. If you just want to chill over a ripping read then Even Flow delivers as well as a Lee Child or a Tom Grieves. It's just as action packed and atmospherically tense. For instance the news room live interview scene: the uncertainty is palpable as anchor Jonathon speaks live on air whilst not knowing what the loose cannon at the other end of the line will come out with. After this treat of a debut, what next for Mr M? The Polka Dot Girl, his second 'paper' novel is due out in January 2013; enticingly described as mysterious, sexy, shadowy and suggestive and a little bit spooky. Meanwhile though, he's left us plenty to be getting on with - Even Flow isn't the sort of book you only read once. http://www.thebookbag.co.uk/reviews/index.php?title=Even_Flow_by_Darragh_McManus ~ The Bookbag

The book has plenty of charm and humour, and raises rousing points… Disdain for misogynist yuppies steams off the page; the prose hisses and spits about the horror and injustice of the sex trade… Like (Danny) Everard, you may not like everything here but you’ve got to admire its guts. ~ , The Sunday Times

The novel starts with a bang, with a man hanging from the top of a building. The story picks up speed as the men crash a party to save a pair of prostitutes – and that’s just the first chapter… Dark but well-humoured, with a pace that will quicken your heart-rate with each chapter. ~ , Huffington Post

McManus’s book has some clever moments and the conceit is engaging…poses some interesting philosophical questions… There’s plenty of promise and it’ll be interesting to see what he produces later. ~ , Sunday Business Post

A great novel which makes the reader empathise with the enigmatic 3W gang…well-written and endearing. The plot is well-executed and illuminates all sides of the argument... Even Flow is a good story, and has an original execution that makes it worth the price of purchase. ~ , So So Gay Magazine

With their literary obsessions and elegant attire, the 3W Gang are not your ordinary vigilantes… It would be a rare reader indeed who doesn’t cheer when the tuxedo-clad vigilantes force the creeps out the window. …McManus is a good storyteller. Thanks to snappy, darkly funny prose and a willingness to move the plot along quickly, Even Flow is a consummate page-turner. It asks interesting questions about vigilantism and whether it can ever be justified. The 3W Gang is an intriguing creation – a sort of Baader-Meinhof urban guerrilla unit for a new generation. ~ , Irish Independent

The dramatic opening scene sets the tone for a provocative thriller. Mixing influences as diverse as Don De Lillo, A Clockwork Orange and Pearl Jam into a cinematic stew, Even Flow centres on the 3W Gang’s unconventional tactics to promote tolerance…marked by filmic descriptions ~ , irishcentral.com

A very well thought out and tightly woven novel…the reader will finish anxiously looking forward to Mr McManus’ next book…impossible to put down and well worth the read. ~ , bookbitch.com

Even Flow is difficult to categorise...once it clicked into place the pages just flew-by. The second half of the story is especially strong as the action, dialogue and politics all get ratcheted-up, and it has a very nice noir ending...what makes this a fun and engaging read is the plot and politics. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes their noir to have a deeper message. ~ , theviewfromthebluehouse.blogspot.ie

Darragh McManus
Darragh McManus Darragh McManus is an author, journalist, playwright and screenwriter. His first book, GAA Confidential, was published by Hodder. He also pu...

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