Don't Doubt the Magic!

Don't Doubt the Magic!

The Story of Bernice O'Hanlon Part Two

Bernice O'Hanlon turns to Tarot to unlock the memories that haunt her.


Bernice O'Hanlon is a contemporary witch with a troubled but determined soul, raised on a small Scottish island and now living in Glasgow. Follow Bernice as she tackles the issues which face her in her search for contentment. Can she finally use the tools she has always possessed and take the leap into her potential?

Don't Doubt the Magic is the second book in Cathie Devitt’s trilogy of novellas about the life of Bernice O'Hanlon. Book one was a FINALIST AT THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE 2014/15.


This novella revolving around Bernice O’Hanlon, a contemporary witch from the highlands but living in Glasgow, intertwines the rural and the urban with its strong characterisation, twisting plot and contrasting settings. This reader, for one, is looking forward to enjoying more of the potent new voice on Scotland’s literary scene that is Cathie Devitt. ~ Brian Whittingham,

The author weaves a creative, well thought story with depth. ~ Helen Callahan , GoodReads/NetGalley

Cathie Devitt deftly brings two of Scotland’s distinct and traditional cultures together; the claustrophobia of tight knit island life and the alienation of urban life. The characters are so sharply defined they feel like your own friends and relatives and she hasn’t sugar coated the Gaelic culture either, choosing to present it in all its glorious darkness. Imagine a Dan Brown novel but with the plot twists and turns being absolutely believable. What a brilliant TV series this trilogy would make. ~ Des Dillon, author

When I first interviewed Cathie Devitt I was intrigued by her story line of her first book 'Don't Drink and Fly', her characters feel so real that you sense you know them from somewhere. Add a little magic gone wrong, a dash of some lies and whole lot of confusion and now you have a story that you want to read to the end. With this second book 'Don't Doubt the Magic', we see lies desperately trying to be covered up and a need to know the truth at all cost. Cathie has done it again and once more we are drawn into mystery of the past and a desire to what the future holds for the character Bernice who has now turned to the Tarot to find her truth. I love Cathie's story of why she become a author and being true to her own passion so much, and I will be interviewing her for the 3rd time very soon. ~ Sara Troy, Self Discovery Radio

Cathie Devitt
Cathie Devitt Cathie Devitt is a writer from Glasgow and despite the rain still choses to live in Scotland. Cathie’s current book is the 2nd in the tri...
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