Deviant Apparition, The

Deviant Apparition, The

A mysterious encounter in a churchyard has such consequences that our scientific story is rewritten,and God is, at last, unmasked.


Who is the strange woman, and what is it about her that both attracts and worries James? Suddenly in over his head, James is horrified to discover the woman seems to be, quite literally, living in the past! He goes along with the apparent madness until he realises that a spate of other, seemingly impossible, happenings are now occurring around the world, practically each minute. Swept up in her deeds, from the tragic to the heroic, James has to battle the world media and the British security services. Meanwhile, a Cambridge physics professor goes public with his bold pronouncement of what we can do to stop the bizarre events from happening and, in the process, communicating wisdom and advice that will forever change the way we look at ourselves, at others, and at the very universe of which we are part. Science has finally proven things that were previously considered beyond its remit.

Weaving strands of real life quantum physics findings with spirituality forms the elaborate setpiece for this warmspirited, fastmoving mystery, epic in scope and profound in spiritual significance.


This time-travel tale entertains while offering an intriguing hypothesis for the spate of odd sightings, or UVEs (Unexplained Visual Experiences), happening across the globe. Turns out these seeming hallucinations are tears in space-time, glimpses of past ages, and one such UVE nets a bona-fide, unintentional Victorian time-traveler, Mary Stepney. While much of the story follows Mary’s adaptation to modern times via her at first disbelieving discoverer James Harvey, author SK Webb devotes a few chapters to the hypothesis of quantum physicist Professor John Beale, who attributes the UVEs to overuse of technologies utilizing electromagnetic radiation (cell phones, satellites, etc.). While this side step into quantum origin is fascinating (I’m a sucker for it, myself), the real story is the growing affection between Mary and James, an unlikely couple who overcome time and kidnapping by a suspicious government ultimately to be together. ~ Rain Taxi Review of Books ,

Extraordinarily good read...

I got carried away by the pace of the book; its written well.

~ John Hunt, Director, O-Books Ltd

SK Webb
SK Webb SK Webb is a New Zealander with an interest in individual and global healing and transformation. After growing up quite literally on the san...
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