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The board members of US company Dall & Houston receive a death threat from an alleged Islamic terrorist called Aarohum Al Rashid: unless they return the one billion dollars that they reaped from their direct involvement in the Iraq war, they will be killed off one by one. The plot addresses current global issues like the war for the control of coltan supplies, a mineral so valuable that it has become essential to new technology in the developed world. A great novel, charged with action, intrigue and first-class story telling. More information about the author and his work can be found by visiting his official English website, .


It is a good story, not a nice one. It is well worth reading, but it is not for our edification nor to enhance our ethical values. It should serve to make us more aware of the (under)world around us, how it works, the persons it generates, the cruelty and craftiness with which it operates. It is sobering and outrageous. ~ Frank Regan, Renew

I have been an admirer of Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa's books since I was a teenager. He has been always my literary idol, and the inspiration to become a journalist, a war correspondant and finally a successful novelist. ~ Arturo Perez Reverte, International bestselling author

Vazquez-Figueroa is one of the best Spanish writers of our time, and certainly the most commercially successful! ~ Jose Manuel Lara, President and founder of the Grupo Planeta, the largest publishing group of Spain and Latin America

Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa
Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa (Tenerife, 1936) is one of the most widely read Spanish contemporary authors, with global book sales to date in exc...
Tuareg by Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa


Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa

Cause, The by Roderick Vincent

Cause, The

Roderick Vincent

Fragile Brilliance by Eliot Parker

Fragile Brilliance

A Ronan McCullough Novel

Eliot Parker

Blood Profit$ by J. Victor Tomaszek, James N. Patrick, Sr

Blood Profit$

The Lithium Conspiracy

J. Victor Tomaszek
James N. Patrick, Sr

Sacred Storm, A by Dominic C. James

Sacred Storm, A

Part III of The Reiki Man Trilogy

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Saxon by Stuart Davies


Book 1 of the Saxon Chronicles

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Dark Orchid by Michael J. Shanks

Dark Orchid

Michael J. Shanks

Realignment Case, The by R.J. Dearden

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Soul Whisperer, The

A Tale of Hidden Truths and Unspoken Possibilities

J.M. Harrison

Invisible Wounds by Dustin Beutin

Invisible Wounds

Dustin Beutin

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