Cloud Warriors

Cloud Warriors

Discovery of a life-extending potion of a lost Incan tribe endangers the lives of all who come in contact with the fountain-of-youth elixir...

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  • e-book £4.99 || $7.99Feb 22, 2019


The discovery of the century... Anthropology professor Terry Castro, leading a summer-school program in the Peruvian rain forest, stumbles upon the remnant of a nation of tall, white-skinned warriors from the time of the Incan empire. But, when a simple accident leaves Castro poisoned, a series of events are set in motion that threaten his life, and the extinction of the tribe.

With the help of a young medium, Carrie Waters, Castro tries to find a remedy and discovers the poison also has the capability of tripling life expectancy. Waters confides in her uncle, Vikter Glass, a pharmaceutical company executive, in the hope that the company can manufacture an antidote. Her innocent attempt to save the man she loves triggers a race to locate the lost tribe and its fountain-of-youth elixir.

Scientific advancement collides with corporate greed as competing forces converge on the tribe. The ensuing battle leaves the survivors asking: might extending human life expectancy destroy society as we know it?

“I want a book that will take me someplace I've never been before. Rob Jung does that with Cloud Warriors...a fast-paced, exotic suspense novel into the heart of darkness.”
Steve Thayer: New York Times bestselling author of THE WEATHERMAN


A story that includes encounters with the spirits, a powerful magical potion that could change the world, and a clash between ancient and modern civilizations that places Professor Castro at the heart of one of the biggest discoveries (and potentially the most dangerous changes) humanity will ever face. Readers of thrillers that incorporate scientific discovery, deadly special interests, and confrontations between ethical and moral purposes will relish Cloud Warriors…well written, replete with surprising twists and turns, and hard to put down; especially recommended for thriller readers who look for the kind of high-octane action, complex plots and powerful characterization mastered by such big names as Michael Crichton, H. Rider Haggard and Philip Kerr. ~ Midwest Book Review

I want a book that will take me someplace I've never been before. Rob Jung does that with Cloud Warriors...a fast-paced, exotic suspense novel into the heart of darkness. ~ Steve Thayer, New York Times bestselling author of The Weatherman

Rob Jung
Rob Jung Rob Jung was born in California wine-country and raised on a farm in Wisconsin. He studied at Winona State University and earned his law deg...
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