Chilli Birds

Chilli Birds

Prepare yourself for a crazy voyage of self-discovery as Giles Morton and his Daehbonk friends battle the sinister Eizus.


Giles Morton has a predictably plain life. Suzie awaits to spice things up. An enchanted seduction leads him into a crazy voyage of inner self-discovery.
Saucy secrets abound as he battles for his very existence against Suzie's alter ego. The future of the human race lies in the mind and imagination of one hapless man from the suburbs...


'A bewitching tease of a tale which will make you laugh out loud and keep coming back for more.' ~ Helen Noble, Author of 'Tears of a Phoenix'

John McGinn
John McGinn After obtaining a degree in dentistry in the 1980s and practising in the south of England and Wales, John took his many skills into property...
Birds of the Nile by N.E. David

Birds of the Nile

An Egyptian Adventure

N.E. David

Cobalt Blue by Peggy Payne

Cobalt Blue

Peggy Payne

Star Pilgrim by Simon Small

Star Pilgrim

A Story of the Deepest Mysteries of Existence

Simon Small

Stop Press Murder by Peter Bartram

Stop Press Murder

A Crampton of the Chronicle mystery

Peter Bartram

Unknown Mother, The by Dielle Ciesco

Unknown Mother, The

A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound

Dielle Ciesco

Reiki Man, The by Dominic C. James

Reiki Man, The

Part I of The Reiki Man Trilogy

Dominic C. James

Lillian's Garden by Carrie Jane Knowles

Lillian's Garden

Carrie Jane Knowles

Ashoan's Rug by Carrie Jane Knowles

Ashoan's Rug

Carrie Jane Knowles

Gargantua Now by Rabelaise

Gargantua Now


Don't Drink and Fly by Cathie Devitt

Don't Drink and Fly

The Story of Bernice O'Hanlon Part One

Cathie Devitt

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