Ashoan's Rug

Ashoan's Rug

A literary magic carpet ride.


As it passes from owner to owner, Ashoan's Rug tells the story of how the work of art is not in the creating, but in how the artwork changes lives.
A literary magic carpet ride!


Published by Roundfire Books, this novel is part short story collection and part epic life and times of a Turkmen carpet. Each story is separate in itself. Most are even in different time periods. The first is the rug's creation story and it is probably one of the saddest. Ashoan is a scarred young woman in a desert tribe whose life takes her to a cruel man. Her one gift is her incredible talent for rug making. It is her very first rug, made for her own home, that becomes the centerpiece of this book. As the rug travels from place to place, person to person and through time, it takes on a life of its own. It becomes much more than simply an object used to cover a lonely woman's tent doorway. The stories are very rich and full of feeling. While the characters are all very different and their situations are as well, they each find that the rug changes their lives. I found that the book as a whole was like a study in how an inanimate object can become imbued with "magical" properties, or better yet, the past and personalities of its caretakers. It was perfect for reading in short moments as I could read one part (or short story) and then the next later without losing the thread of the entire story. It is a good book for those with little time, but who still want to read something with meaning. ~ Lee A. Farruga, Geeky Godmother

At the center of these stories is a hatchlu prayer rug, whose wide row of deep Vs is "like strong bird wings flying." The workmanship in the rug is "tight and beautiful." Both of those descriptions fit the book itself - a rich, intricate, finely structured weaving of narratives that transport the reader across decades and continents. Each story is so convincing and moving, I had to stop and catch my breath before I could turn to the next, allowing it to work its magic, just as the rug brought magic into the lives of these characters. ~ Judy Goldman, author of Losing My Sister

Part "La Ronde" and part "Tales from the Arabian Nights," Knowles' "Ashoan's Rug" is a charming flight through time and space. It is a tapestry of memorable characters, employing beautifully layered dialogue and situations just implausible enough to be truly real. ~ Ian Finley, playwright

Carrie Knowles is a talented story weaver who knows how to thread a golden tale filled with magic, beauty and emotion. Like a flying carpet, "Ashoan's Rug" will lift you off the page and take you on an incredible and unforgettable journey. ~ Maureen Sherbondy, author of

Knowles' ability to weave ten tight, superb stories into a magnificent tapestry is nothing short of magic. ~ Jodi Barnes, author/editor of Worker Writes

Carrie Jane Knowles
Carrie Jane Knowles Carrie Jane Knowles has been a freelance writer for the past forty years. She has published widely in both fiction and non-fiction and has w...
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