Arthur's Soul Adventure

Arthur's Soul Adventure

Arthurs Soul Adventure is a New Age Huckleberry Finn that will jump off the page straight into your heart.


During the Great Depression in Boston, a young family without parents rose above hardships to show the true dignity of poverty and the power of their relationships. Arthur’s gentle connection with others and humorous exploits, softly convey the story’s spiritual undercurrent. Injured by a severe blow, he died temporarily and was swept into a mystical light. Journeying through heaven, Arthur received an important message that he was told to help others and was miraculously revived. He returned from heaven with ideas about how powerful we truly are and how to overcome our deepest fears. Those who believe in Arthur’s fantastical adventure, see their own lives changed. Through conversations with Arthur, many begin to understand that their sense of power comes from within themselves, and that they don’t need to fear anything again. Arthur develops a warm friendship with a lovely, yet reclusive, woman who believes in him and is deeply changed by his message of hope. This uplifting story, sprinkled with both funny and bittersweet episodes, will touch the heart of anyone who reads it.


Skilfully written book.  It will appeal to anyone who takes delight in reading a cleverly written book as well as those who believe in the spirit world.  This is an enchanting and compelling read that's extremely difficult to put down.

~ Sarah Connor, Eternal Spirit

Through the ancient art of storytelling we can discover deeper truths about ourselves and our world. In Arthur's Soul Adventure we follow ten year old Arthur through his "heaven experience" and meet some captivating characters in the process. Through his encounters with them we are then drawn into deeper insights about the Creator God whose nature is Love and who lives in each one of us. ~ Rt Rev Bruce Cameron, Retired Bishop of Aberdeen and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Brian Chambers has created a wonderful journey directly into the spirit of every man, woman, and child. Based on his own inner transformation, he weaves the story of how the least among us can be called in any moment to bring truth and love to the world. This book will appeal to all ages for it touches anyone who is young at heart and still believes in the miracles of life. ~ Rhys Thomas, Founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine

Arthur's Soul Adventure has put me under a most delightful spell, it's combination of charm, simplicity and poignant sense of truth was exhilerating. ~ Kate Spencer, Artist, St. Kitts, West Indies

Arthur's Soul Adventure stands alone as an enchanting novel; and for those seeking, it contains seeds of universal truth, which can guide you on a mystical journey far beyond what you might expect. This book has the capacity to open doors and transform lives. ~ Robin Allen, BSW, LMT, EMC, Intuitive Reader. Metaphysical Books,

Arthur's Soul Adventure has captivated me with its images, emotions, and universal truths, since I first read it. The story's message is easily ignored in today's hectic world, and so I remind myself and my patients of its truths daily: There is really, simply, nothing to worry about! ~ Claire Alice McManus, M. Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist

Brian R. Chambers
Brian R. Chambers The most unlikely author, Brian Chambers grew up in an inner-city Boston neighborhood overrun with hooligans engaged in drinking and street ...
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