Alchemy of Night, The

Alchemy of Night, The

A time-slip tale of sexual magic

Romance meets Gothic fantasy as Phillippa Grayson and her twinsoul time-slip into ancient Egypt to master tantric sex.

  • Paperback £12.99 || $18.95May 31, 2019
  • e-book £4.99 || $7.99May 31, 2019


Erotic romance meets Gothic fantasy as Phillippa Grayson and her twinsoul timeslip into ancient Egypt to master tantric sex.

Awakening in the throes of a fierce orgasm, Phillippa finds herself possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh into whose tomb she had ventured when escaping from a disastrous pre-honeymoon holiday with her now ex-fiancé, Tom. It is a union that is unwritten, out of time, unblessed by priests or gods but which can no more be prevented than the Great God Ra be stopped in his tracks. Entwining a tale of murder, betrayal and sorcery in ancient Egypt, where the erotic and divine secrets enable the Egyptian Prince Khem Yar Khepher’set to haunt the present day.

Finding an antiquarian book on sexual magic in the charity shop where she volunteers, Phillippa is determined to discover all she can about the arcane practice and develops her sexual power with the guidance of the book to confront the timeslip possession.

Time and place constantly shift as past and present collide and a battle plays itself out in the first book of this unique erotica romance trilogy combining magical fantasy and the occult, ancient history and reincarnation.


The Alchemy of Night reads extremely well. It's intriguing, pacey, very easy to picture, all the things you want - with no waffle! ~ Tim John, screenwriter of A Street Cat Named Bob

In this orgasmic time-slip adventure, Judy Hall takes us right under-the-skin of her young heroine, as we are simultaneously drenched in the sensuous, exotic mysteries of Ancient Egypt, and dragged behind the scenes in charity shops, student flats and libraries and wild dream landscapes. What a roller coaster ride! And I shall never see my local librarians in quite the same way again! ~ Jane Skellett, Community Writer, prizewinning poet with Dorset Writers and winner of The Quill Award

Thought I’d have a quick look at the Alchemy of Night and now I’m VERY late for work... Loving it, very quirky and instantly absorbing, with the immediate knowledge of something much deeper below the surface. ~ Richard Bryson, author of Five Dark Moons

I found it riveting. It’s a subject that’s always intrigued me. I’ve never before read a book that brought together ancient history, reincarnation and Spiritualism without the need for sensationalism. ~ Helen Baggott

Engaging, modern and above all different! ~ Vicki Goldie, author Blind Justice, area manager Bournemouth Libraries

When research librarian Phillippa Grayson finds a peculiar old book about ancient Egyptian sex magic she has no idea that it will change her life forever - and in ways she could never have imagined. Soon after, in a box of thrift-store clothing, she discovers a linen robe and other mysterious objects that catapult her back to a previous lifetime as a priestess in ancient Egypt. Unwittingly, she begins a journey through time, pursued by an angry entity she calls her Dark Enigma, the spirit of a malevolent pharaoh from that former life. While trying to make sense of the strange goings-on she’s experiencing and her relationships with the people she knows in her present life, Phillippa learns that they’re all entwined in the long-ago past and have reincarnated together in the present to resolve ancient wrongs. As Judy Hall unravels the mystery of millennia-old lifetimes, curses, and magical workings, she presents information from noted occultists Pascal Beverly Randolph and Wallis Budge. She also combines her extensive knowledge of ancient Egypt, magic, gods and goddesses, shamanic journeying, and crystals to create a tantalizing tale full of twists and turns that can be read on many levels. The Alchemy of Night is not only an engaging story of intrigue and romantic suspense, it also provides a glimpse into the complex world of ancient Egyptian magic and the afterlife. ~ Skye Alexander, author of Sex Magic for Beginners and The Modern Guide to Witchcraft

A truly remarkable slide into the mysteries of ancient Egypt. ~ Mario Reading, author, The Nostrodamus Trilogy

Judy Hall
Judy Hall An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five year...
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